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Square Enix Going To Add New Features To Final Fantasy 15 Via Update Patch

by Damian Seeto


Even though Final Fantasy 15 has gone gold, Square Enix has revealed that it’s going to add some new features to the game that will be available as a free update.

Square Enix made the following announcement about Final Fantasy 15 on Twitter: “We’ve (got) important news Monday about further enhancements and upgrades the dev team have added to FFXV for release day on 29th November. FFXV went gold, but the development team wanted to carry on working and add extra features, so we’ll tell you about them next week. These extra features will be available as an automatic download from launch day and we think you’ll really enjoy them.”

This pretty much confirms that the game will have a day-one patch on launch day. This will add whatever new features have been mentioned above plus improvements to the gameplay.

Square Enix initially wanted not to release a day-one patch because many Japanese PS4 gamers aren’t connected to the internet for some reason. However, the game is large and complex so it was unavoidable that a patch is needed on day-one to smooth out the gameplay experience.

Final Fantasy 15 is out worldwide on November 29th and it’s going to be available for the PS4 and Xbox One consoles.

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