Star Citizen 1.1.1 Update Out Now

by AOTF Staff

Cloud Imperium Games has just released an update for their crowd funded triple A title, Star Citizen.

Although the update isn’t Star Citizen 1.2, which fans were hoping for, the update does plenty to improve the “Best Damn Space Sim Ever”. Star Citizen Alpha 1.1.1, which is now available via the Star Citizen launcher, is comprised of a range of bug fixes, balance changes and “general updates” aimed to improve gamers’ enjoyment of the game.

Alongside the improvements some new content has also been added into the game. Version 1.1.1 adds manned turrets and a new type of large missile, the Stalker V missiles. Despite multi-crew ships not being 100% added into the game, Cloud Imperium Games has sneaked in a preview of what to expect from Star Citizen 1.2. Three of the game’s ships, the Super Hornet, the Cutlass Black and the Gladiator, now have basic turrets which a second player can use.

However, to try out the sneak peek into multi-crew ships players will need a lot of skill. There is no menu system to board a friend’s ship. To try it out two players must land their ships in Free Flight and then board the ship with the basic turret. Not the easiest thing to achieve but players who have been playing for some time should be able to pull this off.

The team has highlighted the three multi-crew ships on sale, both as standalone ships and as packages which includes the ship and the game. The Anvil Gladiator is $165.00 USD (Standalone) or $180.00 USD (Package), the F7C-M Super Hornet is $165.00 USD (Standalone) or $180.00 USD (Package) and the Cutlass Black is $100.00 USD (Standalone) or $115.00 USD (Package).