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Star Citizen passes $40 million in funding


There’s no stopping Cloud Imperium. The Star Citizen developer has raised another $1 million in a mere two weeks, bringing the total up to a world-shattering $40 million. Donations peaked back in November of last year, with over $7 million delivered by the trusting hands of fans around the world.

Last month, studio founder Chris Roberts began a monthly report, through which he hopes to keep readers up-to-date on all the latest developments at his company, which is now 212 employees strong.

“As I write this, the Star Citizen team is all around me hard at work on the Dogfighting Module,” Roberts explains. “We plan to premiere dogfighting at a special Citizens-only event just prior to PAX East. If all goes as planned, the Dogfighting Module itself will launch shortly after PAX and you will finally get your hands on your flight sticks!”

Notably, 71% of the $6 million raised since December 2013 came from new backers, indicating that the space sim continues to generate interest in all sectors. This milestone brings two additional stretch goals: the Kabal and Oretani systems. More information on those can be seen below.

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