Star Citizen SXSW Interactive Trailer Released

by AOTF Staff

Cloud Imperium Games have just released a brand new trailer for their triple A space simulator Star Citizen; which combines both new and old content into a 5 minute long epic video.

Created for the Star Citizen SXSW Interactive presentation the team has used footage from a number of previous trailers, such as the Mustang Commercial and even the original pitch trailer. Thankfully this isn’t just a merge of old content and shows off new locations from the Arc Corps district. On top of this shops that have previously been shown off have been touched up and look better than ever. The new angles and shots of these stores shows the detail standard which Cloud Imperium and Chris Roberts are aiming to offer gamers.

Fans will also be happy to see some Zero-G footage has made it into the cut. At the start of the trailer a character can be seen running along a platform in space before floating off and towards the end a character is shown firing across the Zero-G battle arena. Both are clips to watch out for as they show a feature that separates the title from FPS games, let along the space simulator genre. A number of other sections also depict the first person combat that gamers will soon get their hands on and it simply looks incredible!