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Star Wars Battlefront DLC 4 Will Be Based Upon Rogue One

by Damian Seeto


The fourth and final DLC pack for Star Wars Battlefront was announced today during the Celebration Europe event. The pack will feature content based upon the upcoming Star Wars: Rogue One movie.

Since Star Wars: Rogue One is out in late December, you can expect to see the DLC in Star Wars Battlefront to arrive in early 2017. This is the last DLC that will be out for the game until the sequel is due in late 2017.

The DLC will feature the planet of Scarif which is the pretty beach-like setting that has been featured in the Rogue One trailer. The planet was also showcased in the movie’s latest poster.

As for playable characters, Felicity Jones’ Jyn Erso heads the heroes while Director Orson Krennic is the villain. No other details have been shared at this time as the Death Star DLC comes out first.

Rogue One is allowed to be in the Battlefront because it takes place close to the original trilogy’s timeline. EA and DICE wanted the game to feel consistent so they didn’t want characters like Kylo Ren being in the game since he wasn’t born yet.

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