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Stardew Valley Getting Multiplayer Update Early 2018

by Al McCarthy


Stardew Valley, the popular farming-sim RPG is getting a multiplayer component added to the game in 2018.  The developer took to their blog recently to outline their plans for multiplayer in the game, which includes a beta test in the near future.

It’s also been revealed exactly what to expect from multiplayer in Stardew Valley.  As explained by the developers, once the multiplayer update is rolled out in 2018, you’ll be able to build up to three cabins on your farm.  Each cabin will be able to house a farmhand that can be controlled by one of your friends.

Essentially, Farmhands can do anything that the main player can do.  This includes fishing, farming, mining, marrying NPCs, and other activities in the game.  Each individual character on the farm will have their own inventory, but when a farmhand isn’t online their inventory can be accessed through a special chest in their cabin.

Friends will be able to be invited to any Stardew Valley game via Steam.  The details and process of which are yet to be revealed.  The developers also say that they’re working on other features for the game, which include player-to-player marriage.   However, they’ve made it clear that local multiplayer, split-screen multiplayer, and player versus player multiplayer are not in the works for the game.

A beta for Stardew Valley multiplayer is tentatively scheduled for the end of the year.  After which is complete, the game will get a patch on Windows, Mac and Linux in early 2018.  Following the PC release, the patch will then be rolled out to consoles starting with the Nintendo Switch.

- This article was updated on:March 8th, 2018

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