Steam Deck to Offer the Same Performance in Both Modes

The new portable's release date has not been confirmed

by Franklin Bellone Borges
Steam Deck

The Steam Deck will offer the same performance while either docked or in its mobile form. The information came from Steam Deck’s designer, Greg Coomer, in an interview with PC Gamer

You can check out what the designer said to PC Gamer, when questioned if Valve considered the addition of a high power mode to the device when docked, below:

“Yes, but we didn’t choose to make it a really high priority design target… we felt that it was actually better all things considered to not modify based on docked status or mobile status.”

During the interview, Coomer also talked about how the priority for the developing team was in creating the best possible experience when playing mobile, since, in their opinion, most owners will use the device in his undocked form.

Complementing that, he also said that ”since we were focusing on that, and we chose like a threshold where the machine will run well, and with a good frame rate with AAA games in that scenario. We didn’t really feel like we should target also going after the dock scenario at higher resolutions. We wanted a simpler design target and to prioritize that.”

With that said, this may prove to be a problem for those planning on playing the device while connected to their TVs, since the device runs at only 800p to increase its performance and its ability to run to most titles as smoothly as possible. Is also good to point out that the Steam Deck OS will be replacing the platform’s Big Picture mode.

The Steam Deck is already available for pre-order in three versions, for $399, $529, and $649 respectively. Valve has not yet revealed when the device will be released, but his arrival is expected to take place in 2022.

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