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Super Mario Maker For Wii U Is Holding Another Christmas Event

by Dean James


Super Mario Maker for Wii U launched back in September 2015 and had players creating all sorts of levels. The creativity found here was pretty special and has led to a number of special themed events in that time. One of these was a Christmas event and it sounds like they are looking to have one yet again, but this time it is in the players’ hands.

Miiverse was introduced on the Wii U and has been used by many people at Nintendo to send out messages. The latest comes from Chris at Nintendo of Europe, who posted the following message on Miiverse.

“Do you remember last year when I created a Christmas-themed Super Mario Maker course? Well, now it’s your turn! We would like you to create your own course for our new Super Mario Maker Christmas level event. When you upload your course, make sure to give it the title “Christmas Lounge” or post the Course ID as a comment to this post so that we can find it. We will post some of our favourite Course IDs at the end of December.”

With the endless possibilities of levels found with Super Mario Maker, it will be really fun to see what some players can come up with for this Christmas event. With some of the insane levels we’ve seen since the game launched, I have no doubt we will see some very intricate designs.

While Super Mario Maker for 3DS just arrived a few weeks ago, that version is definitely more limited than the Wii U in that you can’t upload and share your levels. Sadly, this means you won’t be able to participate here for the Christmas Event. Hopefully Nintendo can find a way to provide the selected level or levels to those who own it, but for now it’s only known to be for Wii U.

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