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Super Meat Boy Forever Coming to Nintendo Switch in 2018

by Kyle Hanson


Nintendo kicked off their Nindies Summer Showcase with some Super Meat Boy action on Nintendo Switch. While we knew that a game from the popular platforming series would make its way to Nintendo’s latest console, we didn’t know that it would be Super Meat Boy Forever. This sequel has yet to be released on any other platform, so Switch owners will be getting the same brand new adventure just like everyone else.

Super Meat Boy Forever doesn’t yet have a full release date, but the presentation said that the game would hit Nintendo Switch sometime in 2018. The game offers the same blisteringly difficult platforming action, with a fresh story, and some key new gameplay mechanics to mix things up.

According to the presentation, Super Meat Boy Forever will adapt to the way you play through the game, altering the stage to become more difficult at times. How this will impact the experience isn’t yet clear, but watch for more on everything Super Meat Boy Forever throughout PAX West and beyond.

There’s more to be announced in the Nindies presentation, so keep checking back as the show wraps up. So far we’ve seen a lot of cool indie games making their way to Nintendo Switch.

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