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Target Restock Of Rosalina Amiibo & Other Unicorns Coming Very Soon

by Dean James


While we still wait for news of the upcoming Wave 5 amiibo that are scheduled to release across July and September, we’ve been seeing a number of restocks across the last month and a half or so. Now, it appears that Target is about to jump into the mix very soon with one of the largest restocks so far.

We saw Marth get restocked first and then Wii Fit Trainer and most recently Pit have made their way into some stores across the last couple weeks. We have also seen restocks of a few of the retailer exclusives like Meta Knight at Best Buy, but we heard nothing of Target’s exclusive Rosalina besides a CISPA certification being found, until now.

One of the mods on the amiibo subreddit spoke with a verified source at Target and presented some very intriguing information for Target and amiibo restocks over the next few weeks.

According to this post, Target has ordered 31,280 Rosalina amiibo to be shipped to and sold from, with an estimate of them arriving in the next two weeks. Further Jigglypuff amiibo orders have already arrived at the distribution center, but they do not know when either will be up for sale.

The source also said that they have Marth, Wii Fit Trainer, Jigglypuff, and Wave 4 restocks besides Lucina and Robin that are being held until they get put up the Rosalina amiibo restocks for sale. Also of note, they had no put in any orders for Pit yet, which seems kind of odd with him showing up everywhere right now.

According to the way the source spoke, it sounds like they may be doing these only online, but with that large number of Rosalina, it would be nice to have in-stores get some as well.

It is very unlikely that one of the respected mods would present information they did not believe to be true from sources that previously gave information, so more than likely most of this is at least true and would fit in with the previous reports of Target having Marth already in the Target distribution centers and the updated CISPA for Rosalina pretty recently.

- This article was updated on:March 8th, 2018

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