The Ascent’s Latest Patch Is Causing Performance Issues and Here Is How to Fix It

The latest patch brought more than just a few fixes

by Carlos Hurtado
The Ascent Cover Art

The Ascent is a Twin Stick Shooter that dropped players in a cyberpunk setting; bringing everything from the aesthetics, atmosphere, and the way players get to interact with the world. Since its launch players have been experiencing some issues hindering the overall experience.

Neon Giant (the game’s developer) has been working on several patches and hotfixes to improve the state of the game, so players can enjoy the title how they deserve it; one of the biggest differences between the platforms was the Ray Tracing feature missing from the Windows Store version.

Last Thursday, The Ascent got its latest patch fixing a lot of the problems improving the game’s experience. Among the numerous fixes, these are the most meaningful ones (you can go over the full patch notes in our post):

  • Improved loading of NPCs.
  • CPU performance mode for lower-end PCs.
  • Fixes to situations in Coop where the Host leaving the game could cause the Client to lose progress.
  • Local Coop fixes where Player 1 and Player 2 have controller focus issues on certain menus.

In the last couple of days, players have been talking about the performance-related issues they’ve been having since the last update went live. A lot of them have been complaining about how they can’t get past 10 fps when before the update that wasn’t a problem. Some players have found a small fix that has solved the issue to some extent.

How to fix the performance issue

Looks like after the update the game’s settings automatically enable the raytracing feature causing most low to mid-end GPUs to suffer, if the raytracing feature is grayed out you still may be subject to this problem. The solution that many users have found is the following:

  • Switch your Direct X version to 12 and exit the graphic settings to confirm the changes.
  • Go back to the graphic settings and turn off the ray tracing feature.
  • After doing all of that switch back to Direct X 11 and you should be ready to go back and play with your usual performance.

This small fix is a workaround some users found to be helpful, but if it doesn’t work for you just wait until a hotfix or a patch comes out.

Other players have found issues regarding achievement progress, stability issues, and even the loss of Cyberdeck functions (the Cyberdeck is used to open locked doors, chests, among other stuff).

If you are experiencing performance issues, achievements being bugged, or even stuck on a door go to The Ascent’s Twitter page, they’ve been interacting with users trying to fix their problems.

The Ascent is available now on PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S.