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The Steam Next Fest Has Begun

Plenty of demos for you to get your hands on!

by Shawn Robinson


There are countless releases on the horizon, with so many coming to various platforms and being of various different genres. It’s a crazy thing to think about, as so many will pass our radar without us even knowing. At least on the end of PC though, we have the luxury of Steam offering various game demo events recently, letting us get a taste of what we otherwise would’ve gleaned over. If you’re a big fan of these events, or just want to find the next great wishlist games, then this next week offers just what you’re looking for. The Steam Next Fest is now live, offering a staggering 700 demos for various games that you can try!


As to be expected, the majority of the Steam Next Fest games are indie games. While those of you out there who prefer AAA games may write this event off, that’s the last thing you want to do. Many talented indie developers have come to showcase their games in this event, including some shown off during recent E3 events. If I may make a few strong suggestions, Sable, My Time at Sandrock, and Severed Steel are some personal favorites. It’ll depend on if you’re a fan of slow or fast-paced games, but the latter is great if you like fast-paced with a series of stunts rewarding your complex slaughterfest. Sable and My Time at Sandrock, on the other hand, can be great for those who appreciate a little adventure combined with calming gameplay.

With that being said though, any demo that lands in your preferred set of genres is definitely worth taking a look at. Even if in the end you end up disliking that experience, it costs nothing more than a short bit of your time. If you’re planning to try the demos, be sure to let us know which are your favorites.

The Steam Next Fest begins now until June 22.

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