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This Week’s Tavern Brawl Initially Buggy, Now Unstable


The master mages of Dalaran have gone too far this time, opening up hundred of portals! Choose a class and use a few spells and a WHOLE lot of portals to defeat your rivals!

As somebody who is fond of the fruit that hangs lowest, it was really hard to hold back from immediately screaming, “now you’re thinking with portals!” Which… acknowledging it probably counts as this. Whoops.

In any case, after some hiccups on the EU end of things, where for awhile Showdown at Blackrock Mountain was on offer instead of Too Many Portals, Tavern Brawl has gone live. Decks are once again semi-randomized — containing a mix of class-based spells as well as the titular overnumerous portals: the Unstable Portal card.

Unstable Portal is a rare Mage card that’s decently common in constructed play. In a Mage deck, it complements a turn 1 Mana Wyrm, whose attack will be boosted by the use of a spell, or can be played on turn 3 after a turn 2 Sorceror’s Apprentice. The card itself summons a random minion and places it into your hand, reducing the minion’s mana cost by two.

Unstable Portal is capable of summoning minions that are normally class exclusive, giving you potential access to a Warlock’s demons or a Druid’s beasts. Cards that are buffed by spells, such as Mana Wyrm and Violet Teacher, do very well in this format. In general, cards which summon other minions or tokens will go far, as board-clearing spells are much scarcer than usual. Trade Prince Gallywix, if you’re lucky enough to draw him (which you have an 0.3% chance of doing, according to the Hearthstone wiki) is also fun to play.

Like the other random Tavern Brawl formats, Too Many Portals is excellent for finishing up quests or leveling classes that you don’t play as often. As ever, a free pack of classic cards is on offer in celebration of your first victory — and this week, victory will rest on your improvisational skills.

- This article was updated on:March 8th, 2018

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