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Titanfall Beta to end at 6PM PST

by William Schwartz


The Titanfall Beta will come to a close later this evening. Respawn Entertainment’s Jon Shiring recently announced that the beta will come to a close at 6PM PST.

Though it’s worth noting that Shiring says that a patch will be deployed at 6PM PST, that could keep the fun going a little while longer.

“I will be shutting down the Titanfall Beta tonight (officially at 6PM PST). We might try an experimental server patch at 6 to test patching. If the patch works I’ll give you a few extra hours to bang on it. If the patch fails then it’s curtains for the Beta,” said Shiring via Twitter.

The Titanfall Beta is currently open for all on the Xbox One and on PC via Origin.

- This article was updated on:February 21st, 2014

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