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Titanfall dominates E3 with six Game of the Show Awards

by William Schwartz


Respawn Entertainment’s Titanfall, an Xbox One exclusive, dominated E3 2013 in the eyes of the game critcs committee. The group of journalists who consist of a number of critics from high-profile websites have awarded Titanfall with six game of the show awards. These include Best Online Multiplayer, Best Action Game, Best PC Game, Best Console Game, Best Original Game, and Game of the Show.

Respawn’s new shooter has been gaining a lot of buzz since it was recently revealed to the world. Created by the departed team of developers who had previously worked on the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare franchise, Titanfall looks to be a generational leap in terms of FPS gameplay. The shooter revolves around a premise of Pilots and Titans. Pilots are the soldiers with boots on the ground, and Titans are the hulking mech rewards they get from performing well on the battlefield.

There’s no denying that E3 was a success for Respawn Entertainment’s new game. To see what has gotten the game critics buzzing about Titanfall, have a look at the E3 demo, below.

Titanfall Behind the Scenes

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