Two Lizard Squad Members Have Reportedly Now Been Arrested

by Damian Seeto

The Lizard Squad (as many of you may know by now) were the group responsible for taking down PSN and Xbox Live during Christmas. Now it looks like two of the members have been arrested.

The two members that have been arrested are Vinnie Omari and Ryan Thomas. Omari was caught first in the UK as it was announced via a press release from the Thames Valley Police reports Polygon. Omari lives in the UK and was arrested earlier today.

The legitimate Lizard Squad Twitter page (@LizardMafia) also announced that Ryan Thomas was arrested earlier today too. He’s currently being detained in Finland. Ryan Thomas is probably the most famous member of the group as he gave interviews to several news outlets with his own face exposed.

DramaAlert managed to interview three other Lizard Squad members on the situation. According to the rest of the members, Ryan is doing okay over in Finland, and they’ve bailed out Omari for $100,000.

The other Lizard Squad members are also confident that they will not be arrested at this point. It’s being suggested Omari and Ryan were used as “fall guys” to take the blame for the other members. They claim the main members of the group are not on Twitter and have not been publicly exposed as of yet.

It will be interesting to see if the FBI and other law enforcement agencies will be able to catch the other members of The Lizard Squad. They first came to fame back in August 2014 taking down PSN, Xbox Live and other online services.

Check out the interview below: