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Ultra Street Fighter 2: The Final Challengers Announced for Switch

by Raymond Garcia


Seemingly released in an unending cascade of versions and systems Street Fighter is about to become available in a whole new way. Originally released in the arcade back in 1991 Street Fighter 2 took the world by storm spawning all manner of gear, tournaments, a cartoon, and now will be available on the newly announced Nintendo switch. Dubbed Ultra Street Fighter 2: The Final Challengers this title is a new take on an old game, brace yourselves the already complicated mega maze of Street Fighter releases is about to become a little crazy.

You see this brand “new” release is actually a reworked and revamped version of Street Fighter 2: The World Warrior but it does not stop there nor is it just that simple. The Switch game will be playable in at least two different visual styles that have been confirmed so far. One mode will preserve the classic art of the original work while the other mode will feature high definition graphics with an art style closely resembling the 2008 release Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix that was released previously on the PS3 and 360. More than simply slapping on a new coat of paint on an old game many assets such as the sound effects, the music, and voice clips have all been redone. Capcom is seemingly going the extra mile adding two new playable characters in Violent Ken and Evil Ryu.

Not content with only adding characters Capcom has seen fit to also announce two additional modes of play available in the upcoming Switch game. A one hit knockout mode that limits your move set and a cooperative mode that sees the player teaming up with another player in order to take on a CPU opponent. Capcom has not released a firm date for when we will see this game on the shelves unfortunately. With The Nintendo Switch making it’s debut March 3, 2017 we can only hope Capcom does not make us wait long beyond that in order to play. More can be found at Capcom Japan’s site here.

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