Upcoming V Rising Armor Set Makes Players Immune to Sunlight Damage With a Weird Twist

There is hope for Twilight fans in V Rising with this new piece of gear found in the files of the game.

by Shaun Cichacki


Venturing out into the world of V Rising during the day is currently a death sentence if you don’t have a way to protect yourself. But, quite soon, you’ll be able to do your best Twilight cosplay and have a way to survive out in the world, with a fun homage to another series about vampires.

Yes, you’ll soon be able to make your way out into the sunlight, being fully immune to it. But, you’ll have to deal with sparkling while you’re wearing it. That’s right, you’ll be able to be out in the sun while sparkling just like Edward Cullen.

Shine Bright in V Rising With The Twilight Chestguard

While digging around through the files of the game, YouTuber Demone Kim came across this one-of-a-kind set of armor, hidden away in the game files.

It’s currently unknown if this armor set will ever see its way into the hands of gamers, or if it was used as a placeholder for the developers, but the fact that something like this exists within the game files stands to show that Stunlock Studios has a great sense of humor. Seeing the way that V Rising handles using the environment to your advantage to survive during the daylight, it would be easy to see how this could be legitimately placed into the game.

Imagine being able to scavenge for extra materials during the daytime, but be much more visible to enemies and humans, due to your sparkling armor set? That could add an interesting dynamic to the game, especially with how quickly characters would be able to find materials, compared to the way that they need to handle things currently.

There are a few more items that were uncovered during this small data mine, including a Gear Level 9 item, Death Boots. As it stands, the highest current gear level is Gear Level 8, so it seems that there may be plans to increase the maximum level cap soon.

Since its release, there have been over 150 thousand players that have purchased the game and started their quest to become the greatest vampire in the land. As the game is in early access, we can expect to see more content added regularly, and hopefully, see the legitimate inclusion of the Twlight Chestguard in the future.

You’ll be able to find big bosses and defeat them to earn new perks for your vampire, so with these new items that have been found, we can only hope that there will be specific armor drops from bosses in the future. While the game has already been a massive success and shows a lot of polish for an early access title, there is still room to grow, and it’s exciting to see what the developers have in store for players.

V Rising is available now, in early access, on Microsoft Windows.

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