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Valve Aperture Science VR Tests Will Be Conducted in “The Lab”

by William Schwartz


Valve is getting ready to unveil a new testing initiative for virtual reality that will bring players back to the world of Aperture Science.  Valve has announced what they describe as a compilation of new VR experiments set in Aperture Laboratories.  Portal players will be very familiar with the Aperture testing facilities setting.

More details are likely to come next week when The Lab is revealed next week at GDC 16.

The Lab will launch this spring, and it will be available to play for free.  Valve has jumped into VR in a big way with their collaboration with HTC for the Vive.  An Oculus competitor that will launch at a higher price point, but come pre-packaged with proprietary controllers and the Lighthouse VR system.

We’ll have to wait and see if Valve is readying another full-fledged Portal game for the Vive, or whether The Lab is just a way for Valve to show consumers the possibilities of VR.

The HTC Vive is due out in Early April, while The Lab has been dated for spring.

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