Attack of the Fanboy

Star Wars meets Half Life at DICE ’13

by William Schwartz


Valve president and co-founder Gabe Newell and Award Winning Film and Television Writer J.J. Abrams will kick-off DICE ’13 with a keynote discussion. The pair will discuss storytelling in a conversation titled: “Storytelling Across Platforms: Who Benefits Most, the Audience or the Player?”

Newell will be honored at DICE ’13 as the 2013 AIAS Hall of Fame inductee, and can also be found at other keynotes throughout the course of the convention. Newell is slated to speak about Valve’s preparations for the future of gaming with Steam and its Big Picture platform, and other topics which could include the Steam Box which made big waves at CES ’13.

This conversation between two of the brightest minds in the entertainment business today, should be an interesting conversation to track down next month.  Abrams is responsible for many great television and film productions, and works in numerous capacities on these projects.  Of course, Gabe Newell is the figure head of Valve Software, a company that is moving in a direction that will make them responsible for more than just content delivery and software development.

The DICE Summit will take place February 5th-8th.

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