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E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo)

Second Viral for the PS4 hits the web

by William Schwartz


A second viral video featuring the PS4 hit the net today,  this time with a little more clear of  a message.  This one shows off the possibility of a Modern Warfare 2 in 3-D.  Taking place once again in a laboratory setting the test subject just cant take any more 3-D goodness and removes his glasses as an image on screen begins charging at him.  Kotaku, is saying there is no chance that a new system will be revealed at E3.

We’ve yet to hear from Sony whether it’s behind these or not. And it’s pretty professional if it’s a fake. Best guess? It’s real, but the “PS4” isn’t meant literally. Sony won’t be unveiling a new console at E3. These are instead most likely ads for the PS3’s new 3D capability, with the “PS4” bit perhaps a reference to how futuristic it makes gaming; as in, 3D gaming is so good it’ll feel like a new console. – Kotaku

That’s good enough for me. Case closed.  It is hard to imagine that the PS4 would be coming soon with what seems like the PS3 really hitting it’s stride right now.

If you missed the first video you can check that out here  Sony Viral Ad Hints PS4? or is that just 3D

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