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Sony Viral Ad Hints PS4? or is that just 3D

by William Schwartz


A viral video hit the web this weekend.  Here a night vision shot shows the “Sony Computer Entertainment Principal Scientific Research Lab”  A rushed scene occurs where they burst through a door to find a “scientist trying to remove a controller from a seemingly maniacal test subject of some sort. In the background you can see a playstation logo but it’s hard to tell what it could be for.

Most likely it’s for the new marketing surge for the Bravia 3D line so early into the life of the PS3 it’s hard to imagine a PS4 announcement lingering. A translation by Brian Ashcraft was done earlier but there is no confirmation whether this was even made by Sony or If the video is genuine and not altered by a third party in any way.

Even if you can’t speak a lick of Japanese, I’m almost certain you read PS4 v3.1 at the end of teaser.  You gotta love pre-E3. Expect even more to come leading up to the convention.

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