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Warframe: Heart of Deimos Releasing on All Platforms on August 25th

A new open world for Warframe with an added procedurally generated layer.

by Daniel Chae


Digital Extremes has announced the release date for Heart of Deimos later this month.  For the first time, the developer will release the update on all platforms at the same time.  Heart of Deimos will arrive on August 25th for the PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.  Alongside the Heart of Deimos release date announcement Digital Extremes showed a bunch of new gameplay of the new content which you can find below:

Warframe Heart of Deimos Tennocon Gameplay

The Heart of Deimos will introduce the game’s third open-world area to the game. Underneath that open world, called the Cambrion Drift, there will be a procedurally generated zone.  In this new world there will be some new gameplay content as well — players will find brand new enemies, items to collect, and different wildlife to populate the area.  Let’s not forget the ever-growing Warframe arsenal that will be growing the Heart of Deimos as well.

This will also be the first update that simultaneously arrives on all platforms.  If you’ve previously been playing on a system that had to wait for their update, that will not be the case this time around.  Whether you’re playing Warframe on Switch, Xbox, PlayStation, or PC you will be able to play the Heart of Deimos when it releases on August 25th.

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