Attack of the Fanboy

Wii U trumps PS3 in Japan

by William Schwartz


Media Create Japanese sales data suggests that the Wii U outsold the PlayStation 3 in the last sales period, breaking a spell of sluggish sales for the console. The major factors that contributed to the jump in sales was the release of new software for the Wii U, go figure.

Japan saw the release of Dragon Quest X and Game & Wario, both titles obviously saw demand from Japanese gamers. Overall hardware sales in Japan were led by the Nintendo 3DS, which sold twice as many as the PlayStation Vita. Both handhelds were better sellers than any of the home consoles in the list.

The Wii U has seen sluggish sales worldwide following the new year. A drought of games has left many consumers wondering exactly why they need a Wii U, but if Japan is any indication, sales for the console will likely do much better with the release of new software. Recently, GameStop’s CEO voiced disappointment of Wii U sales numbers for the retailer, but said he was optimistic on the console thinking that things are bound to turn around.

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