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WWE 2K15 Patch 1.02 Notes Now Revealed

by Damian Seeto


2K Games has now revealed the notes for patch 1.02 that has been released for WWE 2K15.

Patch 1.02 for WWE 2K15 is available to download right now for PS4, and will be available very soon for Xbox One owners.

The new patch for WWE 2K15 fixes a lot of issues and bugs that gamers noticed when the game came out. The biggest fixes have been rectifying the issues with MyCareer and saved data.

Check out the full patch 1.02 notes for WWE 2K15 below:


-Fixed issues that could affect a player’s save data and downloadable content
-Fixed an issue that could impede progress in MyCAREER
-Addressed several issues related to downloadable content presentation and intercompatibility


-Custom Superstar names now properly display on the loading screen of a Ranked Online match
-Addressed an issue affect COM selection in Online Private Matches


-Improved gameplay presentation related to the performance of certain moves.
-Improved AI behavior in Tag Team and Royal Rumble matches
-Springboard attacks against grounded opponents who are reacting or recovering will now animate more naturally.
-Players are now able to use Tag Team Finishers properly with a custom-created tag team.
-Comebacks should now be easier to perform
-Clarified numerous message prompts to offer more useful information to the player
-Addressed inconsistencies in text presentation in WWE Universe mode
-Addressed scrolling issues for selecting Divas in the Superstar selection screen
-Addressed a menu flow issue in Community Creations


-Addressed several issues related to downloadable content presentation and intercompatibility
-Addressed a number of display issues when editing in WWE Creations


-Reduced the occurrences of visual distortions that can occur during entrances featuring characters with long hair
-Characters who wear hats during entrances will no longer have two hats if you assign a hat in an alternate attire.

- This article was updated on:December 8th, 2014

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