WWE 2K15 Patch Update 1.05 Is Now Available

by Damian Seeto

WWE 2K15 patch update 1.05 is now available for you to download. It’s a big patch that will address several things.

The main reason for WWE 2K15 patch update 1.05 is for compatibility for the release of the “Path of the Warrior” 2K Showcase DLC. 2K Games has released this patch today so gamers are ready to download the DLC on Tuesday.

WWE 2K15 patch update 1.05 is pretty big as it clocks in at 405.5MB on the PS4 version. It’s likely all the other versions of the game will have the same patch size.

Check out the patch notes for WWE 2K15 update 1.05 below:


• Superstars now recover stamina while standing on the turnbuckle, which should increase opportunities to use top rope signatures and finishers.
• Improved issues related to move selling and opponents not staying down compared to the previous patch.
• AI teammates will no longer break up their own partner’s submission attempts during an elimination tag team match.
• Fixed an issue in which top rope and ladder dives were consistently missing downed opponents outside the ring despite being in range.
• Addressed an issue with the Texas Cloverleaf submission hold.
• Addressed an issue with the Running Knee Lift Finisher.
• Irish whipping a Diva or female manager into an environmental hazard as a Superstar will now result in disqualification.


• Fixed an issue with blood appearing consistently on a Superstar who has been “busted open” during victory scenes (if the blood option is turned on).
• Tag Team nameplates should now display correctly if one of the teams has a manager in a Tag Team match.
• Addressed issues with the pre-match introduction in Championship matches featuring Bray Wyatt with a manager assigned.
• The title splash screen now correctly appears during the first title match in MyCareer.


• Players can no longer use WWE Superstars with modified stats saved as alternate attires in online matches with the “Fair Fight” option on.
• Addressed an issue in which Superstars with custom alternate attires were appearing in their default attire online.
• Addressed an issue with transitioning to the private match lobby when receiving consecutive invites on the main menu.
• The player is now able to create private matches when background matchmaking is set to ‘on.’ (Xbox One issue only)
• Addressed an issue in which the game could become unresponsive for several minutes if the player disconnected a wired internet connection and switched profiles on the main menu. (Xbox One issue only)
• Fixed a desync issue in Ranked One-on-One matches if users performed certain abilities simultaneously.


• Addressed a presentation issue with roster images on Tag Team match cards.
• An edited Diva can now properly defend a title assigned to her.


• Tag Team Champions are now announced as such during tag team entrances. In singles matches, Tag Team Champions will be announced as “one half of” the tag team champions in question.
• Addressed an issue related to an incorrect announcement occurring during entrances in matches with a player-created tag team.
• Addressed an issue related to an incorrect announcement occurring if a title holder successfully defended the title while using a manger.
• The announce table now reacts with more appropriate commentary to the Ring Breaker OMG! move.
• Randy Orton is now announced properly during his entrance while a title holder.


• Path of the Warrior – Made a number of fixes and updates related to functionality and presentation.
• Hulk Hogan Pack – Addressed an issue in which using Hulk Hogan’s Running Leg Drop 4 Finisher could cause the game to crash (PS4 issue only)
• NXT ArRIVAL – Addressed certain issues occurring with Emma’s moveset, including better move selling for opponents after being locked in the Dil-Emma.

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- This article was updated on March 30th, 2015