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WWE 2K17 Download Limit Increasing For CAW Items

by Damian Seeto


2K Games has announced that from November, you will be able to download more create-a-wrestlers each day in WWE 2K17. Your dream roster can expand at a faster rate.

The official WWE 2K Facebook page announced: “We have increased the #WWE2K17 daily download limit for the next week from 20 a day to 50 a day. Go nuts through Nov 3 at 9pm PT!

The screenshot above shows some of the wrestlers that the community have already created for WWE 2K17. The main game has a large roster, although there are a lot of new NXT and Cruiserweights that were recently added.

You can download creations for the likes of Rich Swann, Rhyno, T.J. Perkins, James Ellsworth, Bobby Roode, Johnny Gargano, Brian Kendrick, Gran Metalik and even Kurt Angle.

It’s not just limited to downloading new wrestlers as specific attire and logos are also created. If someone like AJ Styles wears new attire, you can download that too if you wish.

50 items per day is pretty generous and it’s unlikely people exceed that limit. In case you are wondering, 2K Games needs to put a limit in the first place in order not to put too much pressure on the servers.

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