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Xbox One: Microsoft aware of importance of used games

by William Schwartz


It’s not clear just how the Xbox One will handle used games. The hot-button topic that surfaced following the Xbox One reveal event has yet to be fully explained by Microsoft, but they are aware, and the Xbox One will certainly still allow for used game. How exactly, is anyone’s guess.

We understand the secondary market is incredibly important today in the current generation.

“We understand the secondary market is incredibly important today in the current generation. It will be incredibly important in the next generation,” Phil Spencer, a Microsoft Studios excutive, told Joystiq. “I love the fact that my identity, my saves and my content can go with me to any console I move to. The ability to have me and my content save in the cloud who I am, and I can move around, that obviously requires some capability to know what content you own, associated with you and how you move.”

And while used games very well may get sorted out in the months leading up to the Xbox One launch, it wasn’t the only issue that had gamers taking pause with the new console. Internet connection requirements were also unclear as to how often the console would need internet access to work.

“We also understand that sometime people’s internet goes down and I shouldn’t stop watching a movie or stop playing a single-player game when that happens. We’ll support a tolerance where we can,” he noted, but we were seeking specifics on how long the console could be offline. “You asked about the boundaries, how long will that work? I’ll just tell you we don’t know yet. We’ll tell you when we have the answer and we can tell everybody. But we understand that secondary market is important to the ecosystem, no doubt.”

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