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Xbox One pre-orders strong despite unknown factors


Regardless of what the internet would tell you, Microsoft’s Xbox One reveal might have been a big success for the company. Retailers in the United Kingdom are reporting strong pre-order sales data for the new console. According to numerous retail executives in the region, the negative factors about always online and used games practices aren’t stopping consumers from plunking down their cash to be among the first to own the Xbox One.

Retailers in the UK are saying that pre-orders have been positive thus far, claiming that they’re seeing an “overwhelming response” to Microsoft’s reveal.

“Despite the negative comments about the pre-owned model that has not been officially announced, consumer response has been extremely positive in terms of pre-orders,” said the CEO of ShopTo in an interview with MCV.

ShopTo isn’t the only one. Computer and Video Games is reporting that executives at Grainger Games and The Hut are also echoing similar sentiment. Phil Moore of Grainger says that his company has been “inundated with pre-order and product information requests” from consumers, following the reveal.

Though a lot of the finer points are still up in the air when it comes to details about the Xbox One. Mixed messages coming out of the Xbox One reveal have left a cloud of uncertainty about what Microsoft’s plans for the next-gen entail. Whether they are completely embracing DRM, their stance on used games, and the actual price and specs for the console.

- This article was updated on:February 20th, 2018

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