Attack of the Fanboy

Xbox One shunned at fighting game tournament

by William Schwartz


EVO 2013 was held this weekend, and while fighting fans congregated on-location and on the web to watch the festivities unfold, they united to let Microsoft know how they feel about the Xbox One.  During a presentation for Killer Instinct, the game was met with negative reception of boos from the crowd.

Fighting game fans gave Double Helix a cold reception at the tournament, while chanting for more popular established fighting franchises.  The angst might not come from Killer Instinct itself, it might just be from a general dislike for the Xbox One.  Killer Instinct will arrive as a free-to-play fighter on the upcoming console from Microsoft, and when the Xbox One was mentioned by name, a long string of boos erupted from the crowd.

Around a thirty second stretch of boos from the crowd was a pretty clear signal that they weren’t impressed by Microsoft’s PR slips in recent weeks.

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