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YouTube issues a statement to “Let’s Play” Content Creators

| May 22, 2013

YouTube issues a statement to "Let's Play" Content Creators News  WIIU Nintendo 3Ds

“Let’s Play” videos have become quite popular over the last few years. For whatever reasons that push fans to YouTube to watch other people play games, the sheer number of views on popular “Let’s Play” channels is mind blowing. Recently, when Nintendo took aim at players using Nintendo games to create these videos, it came as a reminder that buying a game doesn’t confer the right to monetize on the copyrighted works.

YouTube recently issued a statement to Let’s Play video makers, reminding them to get permission before publication of these gaming videos.

“As always, you should ensure that you have all the necessary rights to commercially use all content in a video before you submit it for monetization,” said a statement on YouTube Google + page. “Video game content may be monetized depending on the commercial use rights granted to you by licensees of video game publishers.”

The point is, YouTube wants these video makers to make sure they get written permission before making videos. “A final reminder. Simply buying or playing a video game does not grant you the copyright or permission to monetize. To earn revenue from videos from the game, you need commercial rights.”

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  • Randy

    Haha! Have a look at twitch. That’s all their business model is based off of: others playing games and twitch selling ads/subscriptions.

    What jackass game publisher wouldn’t want someone broadcasting their game? Free publicity and no, it’s not the same as broadcasting a movie. Interaction with the game is totally different from passively watching a movie. It only encourages more people to purchase their games. I’ve bought several games based solely on watching people play them on twitch.

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