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Nintendo not worried about what the competition is doing

by William Schwartz


Reggie Fils-Aime spoke out about Nintendo’s next generation of consoles at CES 2012.  The head of Nintendo of America claims that “we don’t care what the gaming competitors are doing”.  The Wii U is a drastic step in a new direction from what current generation consoles are doing.  The Nintendo Wii U which is scheduled to release in late 2012 will feature a tablet like device that is rumored to have many uses outside of the traditional realm of gaming.

Obviously Nintendo walks to the beat of their own drum.  If Nintendo’s Wii taught the gaming world anything, its that the company is willing to take risks on new types of gaming experiences.  This philosophy is one that Fils-Aime described as one that “drives a great new experiences that is going to be compelling.”

“So, you know, we’re fortune that we drive our own innovation agenda. We don’t care what any of the… we don’t care what the gaming competitors are doing. We don’t care what’s happening in the broader entertainment landscape. What we’re looking to do is drive a great new experience that’s going to be compelling, that’s going to have consumers say, ‘I have to buy the Wii U to get this new experience’.”

Some analysts still have concerns about Nintendo’s philosophy.  Recently one analyst urged Nintendo to “get with the program” claiming the company makes it difficult for third party developers to make gaming experiences for their consoles.

Spike’s Interview with Reggie Fils-Aime

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