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The GeForce Guides

by William Schwartz


The GeForce tweak guides have been around for a while now and I use them so frequently that it never crossed my mind that there are many who are not aware of its existence. It was only recently while browsing various message boards for figuring out the optimal settings for Assassin’s Creed IV did I come across something that made me decide to share this with you.

A post recommended going through the GeForce guide and subsequent posts expressed their surprise at the existence of something like that. I had already gone though the guide and while it did prove helpful as the other guides earlier did I was just curious to see what other thought of the game’s performance on the PC.

So yeah, the guides. Nvidia’s guides do a splendid job of not only introducing to the various graphical options available in the individual games but also what they do and how exactly they affect the performance and quality of the game in question. It makes clear the meaning of every single setting from resolution and v-sync to anisotropic filtering and ambient occlusion. The guides are great for finding the right balance between performance and quality which every PC gamer spends time on getting right. Helpful tips like when particular effects can be dialled down without affecting the overall quality are cool too. Also provides for some games is an advanced tweaking section that explains how to access settings from the game’s configuration file.

There are detailed comparison shots showing various settings at their various possible levels to aid you in the choice along with graphs showing their effect on the frame rate. Optimal settings are provided for various GeForce cards making the whole optimisation process a lot more faster. The important thing to remember is that these guides are useful irrespective of your graphic card. They are also a good starting point to familiarise yourself with what the settings you come across in various games mean and let you stay updated on the latest enhancements and technologies.

Much of this has become optimised for gamers with GeForce cards due to the GeForce Experience but even they can benefit in trading in some quality for performance or vice-versa according to their own unique tastes no matter what is optimal for their rig.

I want to make it clear that this is not advertising that I’m indulging in but just bringing a quality resource for PC gamers to the public eye. Now go fiddle away until you find the balance ye seek. Be sure to share any other tweak guides or websites that you are aware of below. Happy gaming folks!

- This article was updated on:March 7th, 2018

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