Is This The Nintendo NX Controller? Image Surfaces

by Scott Grill


Proving that you can’t have a new console release without image leaks and rumors, a supposed image of the Nintendo NX controller hit the internet Thursday night. Is Nintendo really going to such a radical design change or is this one a big fake?

Dual Pixels obtained a photograph of what is reported to be the controller for the Nintendo NX. Normally, this would be something that could be immediately dismissed. However, this image is an exception because it follows very closely to a patent that was filed by Nintendo.

First, let’s look at the patent image.



Now, let’s look at the supposed leak photo of the Nintendo NX controller.


That’s not too far off. You can see the two thumbstick nubs on either side of the oval controller along with a B button to the bottom left of the right nub and an A button above the right nub. There also appear to be arrows on either side of the controller along with a small camera and microphone on the very bottom. You can faintly make out what appears to be a bumper button along the top.

The bulk of the controller is taken up by a screen displaying who knows what.

There are differences between this image and the one in the patent, however. In addition to the arrows being included on the face of the controller, the handles are missing. Those would be necessary for ergonomic reasons.

So, is the image a fake or is it real? It is hard to tell. The best case scenario is we are looking at a Nintendo NX prototype controller and not the final product. The other option is someone saw the patent picture and decided to mock something up for craps and giggles.

Gamers have come to expect radical controller designs from Nintendo. At the very least, it gave us this amazing Family Guy mashup posted to NeoGAF by FarFromAnyGame.


Nintendo plans to officially reveal the new NX console during E3 2016 in June. Expect a barrage of leaks and “leaks” until then.

[Image via Nintendo]

- This article was updated on:March 9th, 2018

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