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‘This is Super Mario Maker’ – Pure Video Game Joy or Wii U’s Doom?

by Kyle Hanson


Super Mario Maker feels like a Nintendo fan’s biggest dream come true. Giving players the ability to create their own 2D Mario levels, skinning it with either Super Mario Bros. 1, 3, World, or New Wii U graphics, then sharing it with the world, the game contains endless hours of fun and excitement.

Our full review seems to reflect this, saying “Super Mario Maker is yet another gem in the stellar Wii U exclusive library that any Mario fan needs in their life.” I finally got my hands on the game at launch and was quickly swept away by just how much fun the game was right out of the gate.

However, Will seems to disagree a bit, coming at the game with much more skeptical and critical eyes than this hardcore Nintendo fan was. In the video below I walk Will through the game, explaining its many intricate systems and how it all comes together into what I feel is “pure joy distilled into video game form.”

Will, on the other hand, sees the final death throes of the Wii U laid bare. Wondering why he would want to play through player created Mario levels when Nintendo does them better. We debate a bit about whether or not Super Mario Maker being a Wii U launch title would have changed the console’s fate, and I postulate that new 2D Mario games could be quite different in the future.

Super Mario Maker is available now for Wii U. Check out the full video below for our thoughts on the game.

This is Super Mario Maker

- This article was updated on:March 8th, 2018

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