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NBA 2K13 will get Kinect features on Xbox 360

by William Schwartz on August 3, 2012

According to an listing, NBA 2K13 will see Kinect functionality built into the Xbox 360 version of the game.  What could these new features be?  2K Sports hasn’t announced any of these features for the game, and it’s the first mention of the possibility anywhere.

360sync eyeballed the listing, but it’s unclear whether or not these Kinect features will make it into the Xbox 360 version of the game or not.  Being that 2K has yet to announce anything as of yet, we’ll have to wait and find out what these new features are, if any.

Judging by the success of previous integrations in other games, Kinect functionality in 2K13 may likely boil down to interacting with the game in a voice capacity, or possibly navigating menus with the camera functionality.  We certainly don’t predict any control schemes that allow you to play 2K13 without a controller in your hand, but anything’s possible.

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    I wonder what liminted features the crappy 360 and laggy kinect will have for this game. The move is pretty pimp but that’s the highly accurate, 1 of a kind motion device with this little thing that’s pretty important called a button.

  • Sobe Bailey

    I smell play calling , emphasis on the calling. I like this

  • Sobe Bailey

    I’m thinking Play calling and press conference answers, nice touch x box

  • Cool dude

    RROD, your so insecure about your ps3 aren’t you? Specially when Sony just lost 24 billion yen.

  • The Future of Sega

    If you look closely, Lebron is a champion.

  • The Future of Sega

    Featuring Kevin Durant, Jalen Rose, and Blake Griffin on the front cover of NBA 2K13 was a foolish move by 2K Sports. Last I checked LEBRON JAMES, Dwayne Wade, AND Chris BOSH were the NBA champions! THEY are the ones that should be featured on the front cover NOT those other losers!

    On top of that I am SICK of seeing the NBA “2K” sign printed in red every single year. It is ANNOYING!! They need to change it to dark blue, green, or some other color. I’m sick of seeing red. So yeah….ownage.