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Is Sleeping Dogs a Sleeper Hit?

by William Schwartz on August 14, 2012

Sleeping Dogs from United Front seems to be taking critics by surprise. The open-world crime drama where you play as an undercover cop in the Hong Kong underworld, is racking up great review scores from across the web.

A load of reviews for Sleeping Dogs have hit the web and have hit a wide range from some calling the game “near perfect” to others being less enthusiastic about the game’s similarities to other open-world titles.

Sleeping Dogs arrives today on the Xbox 360, Playstation 3 and PC.

Sleeping Dogs Launch Trailer

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  • e-ton

    Got it at midnight launch, its awesome. Haven’t hardly slept lol



  • Comet

    Yes it’s a sleeper hit. I decided to give the game a shot and I’m glad to say that I am very impressed. I think this game deserves a 9 but from what Im seeing many reviewers are taking the safe route. If this was a GTA game it would get the 9. I read a review that stated that the game borrowed too much stuff from GTA. Let me put it this way. Look at FPS and many MMOs. They offer similar mechanics and yes they borrow stuff and in many cases they don’t bring anything new. Unlike GTA Sleeping Dogs is an action fighting game much like Batman. it allows you to switch between cars. The racing physics is closer to a true arcade style racing game then on other similar games. Cars show damage much like in a racing game. So in the end the game does bring many new stuff and sets its own mood. It doesn’t have MP but the SP shines on its own.

  • gonza

    You hit cars and no damaged???thats horrible!! very unrealistic,the graphics looks like cartoons,even gta iv is way better than this

  • delano

    Wrong, there is damage when you hit things. And idk what drug your on but Gta 4 had good graphics but sleeping dogs texture detail is amazing. The lighting and shading is magnificent for and open world game. I mean the streets, the building and cement actually look tangible rather then flat at an angle. And the rain is a whole other story. Gta 4 looked good but not better, and that’s expected seeing as to when it came out. If this is any indication, Gta 5 will look amazing and I can’t wait.

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