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Batman: Arkham City Reviews: Bats has still got it

by William Schwartz on October 14, 2011

Batman: Arkham City has still got it

Apparently the years have been kind to the Batman franchise.  After the release of Batman: Arkham Asylum and the proof that a video game based on a comic book character could infact be good, fans have had high hopes for the Batman: Arkham City sequel.

Today, the first reviews have started to trickle in for the game.  As it looks, Batman: Arkham City picks up right where the first one left off in terms of quality.  If we’re your go to source for game reviews (which I’m not sure why that would be the case), our review is forthcoming.  Until then, we point you to these fine sites that all pretty much say the same thing about what to expect from Batman: Arkham City… that it’s really, really good.

Eurogamer – 9/10 “It’s hard not to feel like the world’s greatest detective.”
Joystiq – 4.5/5“Rocksteady has made the greatest Batman game ever crafted”
Game Informer – 10/10“The Best Licensed Video Game Ever Made”
Destructoid – 8.5/10“It doesn’t quite reach the heights of its predecessor”
Giant Bomb – 5/5‘It’s hard to imagine any fan coming away disappointed’
IGN – 9.5/10 “It’s better than most games on the market”
Game Trailers – 9.3/10“The definitive Batman game”

Until you get the opportunity to get hands on with Rocksteady’s latest, here’s the launch gallery for Batman: Arkham City.

Say Something
  • Hungreehypo

    Hell yes.

  • Drake

    so many enemy bosses well at least bane’s helping bats

  • Angry Dave

    Yes ok it reviewed very well on those listed sites, but something tells me that they wont be using Destructoid’s choice critique snippet on any of the promotional material.

  • Heard it here first

    I would have left Destructoid’s comment out. It didn’t really do the game justice like all the others.

  • JaxMaster

    And you know the other reviews did it justice how? Unless your a media person, most haven’t played it yet, and last I checked The destructoid guys are just as entitled to their opinion as anyone else.

    Christ, who cares what the score is, just read the reasons WHY he decided on a lower score and see if you think the same. If not, then who the hell cares.

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