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Battlefield 3 rumored to see Call of Duty Elite service in near future

by Bill Hess on May 11, 2012

It looks like Call of Duty: Elite’s success has prompted EA to roll out their own premium content service for Battlefield 3. Inside sources close to Battlefieldo say that “Battlefield Premium” will arrive this June with the “Close Quarters” expansion.

“Battlefield Premium will land you a number of content drops with unique in-game items not available anywhere else.”“Battlefield Premium will land you a number of content drops with unique in-game items not available anywhere else. First out it the one-of-a-kind Premium knife and black dog tag, plus a set of soldier camos, weapon camos, dog tag and assignments that will make sure you stand out and get more personalization options.”

Battlefield Premium is rumored to arrive on June 4th, a week prior to the release of Close Quarters on June 12th.  These same sources also indicate that Battlefield 3 will be seeing a “Double XP Weekend” in May, similar to the double XP events that Call of Duty offers its players regularly.

The Battlefield 3 Expansion schedule sees Close Quarters releasing in June followed by “Bonus Content” in August, “Armored Kill” in the Fall, and “End Game” this winter. A fifth expansion pack is also said to arrive in March of 2013, which is still unannounced or titled.

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  • blazeup

    of course….dumb ppl spend all their money and make these companies do more of this

  • Gamer

    EA continues to drop the ball with this franchise.  5 Expansion packs?  Get it right the 1st time and quit charging people to essentially beta-test your broken game.   Battlefield 2 and Bad Company 2 were better and did not change the fundamentals of gameplay at the whim of the designers months after publishing.  The server situation is an atrocity now.

  • EA Take Advantage of My Wallet

    Boycotting this bullshit EA….

    • Artur

      Battlefield 3 is the most amazing game I’ve ever plyead I managed to get the beta version here: [] .. It blows COD out of the water even though you really can’t compare the two.. check it out

  • The Flood was here

    I don’t think I’m going to buy another EA game again, this sucks so much.

    But I have no idea how to pirate games…


      Download the ISO, unrar it, install, go to folder that says cracked, copy contents of that folder, paste wherever they tell you. Easier than finding a good porno

    • tinytinysky

      Standing up to the publishers or in the unlikely circumstances developers is a good thing, it shows character, don’t ruin it by cheapening yourself through piracy. Boycotting a game does not give anybody the right to get the game. The whole point of boycotting is to make the publisher realize that we as PC gamers will rather stand up to them than playing their games. If we all just pirate the game instead of buying them and call it a boycott, EA will only think that their DRM measures are not up to par instead of anything wrong with themselves.


    fucking EA. 


    Ahahahga shame on you bf3 loving morons. GEARS 3 IS WHERE ITS AT ONLINE

  • abc

    youre an idiot

  • Cristian

    i agree with ign, campaign was rlly chclie, tho the story stunk the overall gameplay was still rlly fun so i dont see why everyone is saying campaigns garbage because its not as bad as they make it seem. But DICE should have just left campaign out and spend more time on multiplayer and maybe they couldve gotten 9.5 but im not saying DICE did a bad job they raised the bar for fps so much i think Jesus can see it. its too bad bf3s not getting enough credit for its innovation

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