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Blonde FemShep Wins the Mass Effect 3 Beauty Pageant

by Ethan Powers on August 2, 2011

It’s official. The population of Mass Effect gamers (clearly, mostly male) have spoken and their universe-saving, ass-kicking heroine of choice is, well…blonde. The marketing campaign that BioWare has endowed upon fans, which has allowed gamers themselves to vote for one out of a possible six versions of FemShep on the developer’s Facebook page, has recently ended and model 5, aka “The Blonde”, is now guaranteed her own trailer as well as a spot on  the cover of the Mass Effect 3 Collector’s Edition.

Who could have guessed that this unconventional marketing strategy would create an unsatisfactory reaction from certain people interested in the physical characteristics that will be attributed to Female Shepard? (I say that with biting sarcasm) A number of writers, fans, and other members of the gaming industry have already expressed their displeasure.

Holly Conrad, creative director at CrabCat Industries, who was directly involved involved in the competition, stated how she was disappointed in the results by tweeting, “The popular girls even win in Mass Effect. #whyblondeshepwhy.”

Kim Richards similarly expressed her dissatisfaction through a blunt editorial featured in PC Gamer titled, “Death to Blonde Shepard.” She says, “it breaks my heart that the mass public have gone for such the wishy washy, Barbie faced personality vacuum that is Shep 5. The modern day world is already so much more culturally diverse than yester-year, so why don’t future representations reflect this? Isn’t it about time that the cliché of a blonde-haired, blue-eyed pin-up was fazed out?” Richards then concludes her lambasting with, “Please, boys and girls, I implore you. Don’t vote for Number 5. Vote for diversity. Vote for originality. Vote for personality. For the love of god, vote for someone I can proudly place on the first page of my Filofax.”

I would find it hard to believe that BioWare didn’t see this type of reaction coming. Although, it looks as if people are getting pissed over who won rather than the manner in which they were chosen, which I find rather odd. After all, it’s the contest itself that should have gotten people riled up, not the end result of it. I applaud BioWare for choosing boxart in a non-traditional way and for getting fans involved in a process which generally does not call for fan approval. But any contest when voted on solely based on the outwardly appearance and attributes of a woman is going to teeter on the edge of sexism, especially when that contest is for the promotion of an industry that is often labeled as misogynistic. In reality, it was a lose-lose situation for BioWare. Either they release a default FemShep without the consent of fans and get criticized for it, or create a fan voting scenario in which they get criticized for the poll itself or the model who won, such is the case.

In my opinion, too much emphasis in general has been placed on the default FemShep’s appearance. People tend to ignore one of the most basic and essential aspects of what has made the Mass Effect trilogy so appealing to such a wide demographic of gamers – the element of customization. Regardless of who or what is on the game’s cover and even if you have already thrown money down on the Collector’s Edition of Mass Effect 3, players can easily choose to ignore FemShep entirely by tossing that boxart underneath their bed and continuing their customization of Shepard as normal. Even if you despise that cliched aesthetic blondness that model 5 embodies, it ultimately doesn’t affect the gameplay in the slightest, so let’s not make a big hoopla out of this.

Besides, even if model 5 looks better suited for a cocktail dress and high heels rather than Shepard’s famous N7 body armor, she at the very least bears a resemblance to Aya Brea, the heroine of the Parasite Eve series who withstood the wrath of Mitochondria Eve and eventually brought her down. I think we obviously owe the new FemShep a little latitude.

Mass Effect 3

Come on now, they both have the same “Yeah I’m blonde but I’m still going to beat the s**t out of you” look and everything.

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  • Angela

    This upsets me very much! Why couldn’t original FemShep from games 1 and 2 been the model for the art work? To me she is the real Shepard not this Barbie looking chick. She looks like she is too worried about her hair and nails than saving the galaxy. Why did Bioware have to start from scratch to make FemShep? They didn’t do that when they made the art work of MaleShep why are they discriminating? People like me that have been with the game since day one want to see the same FemShep as they played in the game instead of this new FemShep! What’s next they are going to get rid of original FemShep in the game and you can only play this one?! Fuck no!! They will lose a customer if they do that!

    • HR

      I also want to note that you CAN create you’re own character in Mass Effect 3 still. So I can’t understand once again why people would be upset O.O So yeah.. lol.

  • Philbrick

    Gentlemen prefer blondes :)

  • JB

    Ill just be glad when this garbage is finished with. I want actual info on the game, not this pandering to the minority.

    You just wait, in a few weeks the femshep fans will be back to bitching about maleshep instead of the different default options, and the majority of gamers – who play maleshep – will be back to waiting on actual info, not this minority popularity contest crap.

    I mean, in a game where the overwhelming majority play a customised male, what was the point of all this crap?

  • Mel

    Well, this was depressingly predictable – or predictably depressing. What irks me more than the fact that we get a barbie doll on the collector edition’s cover and in the trailers is that barbieShep also looks much too young. According to the ingame codex Shepard is 31 in ME2. This dollface doesn’t look like she is even close to twenty.

    • HR

      Haha.. Wow, Ya know I did vote for the blonde one, personally thinking she looked more girly then the other ones, however not TOO girly. Personally it REALLY didn’t matter who won or not, It’s still JUST a game. I am seeing people getting upset over this? What about reality my friends? Have we forgotten about that? LOL. Anyway, Bioware I thank you for getting us involved it was fun ^_^ God Bless

  • GrumpyBlonde

    This enrages me so much! She is blonde, so what? She is saving the bloody galaxy not getting a spray on fake tan, lets give the rampant sexism (the female commentators are the worst) a rest please. I’m blonde, and very intelligent and it is bad enough having to put up with this crap from other academics without having my favourite videogames spoilt by it.

    We should be grateful we get a canon female Shepard at all, not whinging about her hair colour.

    You do realise they all have the same face, right, it is just the skin and hair colour that varies? God.

    Angela, this is the canon female Shepard for the art work, you will still be able to make your own character in the game, for heavens sake.

    • Ah yes, blondes

      While I disagree with the initial action of making FemShep into a beauty contest (especially without the option to vote for a MaleShep), I completely agree with what you’re saying. The way I see it, it doesn’t even matter if it’s real or not. Maybe brunette FemShep just wanted some crazy highlights. What’s so wrong with that? Discriminating against blondes is just as much an outrage as turning this into a vote to satisfy all the penises out there.

      Oh, and this is coming from a female brunette who wasn’t a “popular girl” in high school or whatever, and I’m not whining on my Twitter.

  • GrumpyBlonde

    Additional, the bloody canon MaleShepard model is an actual male model, no one whinges about him being a damp eyed nancy boy! Vega looks like something out of an American college fashion catalogue, but no its cool for them to be badass, god forbid we have a pretty female Shepard though.

  • Matt

    Actually, isn’t Shepard stil technically the same age as in ME1 since they were revived “Exactly the same.”?

  • Angela

    I just want to point out GrumpyBlonde that I did not once mention that she was blonde. I could care less what hair color she is I have a problem with her looks. And the original FemShepard was modeled after her voice actress Jennifer Hale and the MaleShepard is modeled after the male voice actor Mark Meer. So my point is why are they re-creating the wheel when they already had a perfect model in the first 2 games.

    And for heavens sake I didn’t say they were changing it I said IF IF! They changed it. There is a big difference in what I said and how you interpreted it.

    I have nothing against Blondes could care less, but the new look, she looks 12 she doesn’t look like she is capable of taking on the galaxy. – this is what she should look like regardless of hair color.

    • soundslikefail

      @Angela, while you might want to believe that maleshep and the original femshep’s are based on their voice actors, you’re wrong. Maleshep is based on a male model, look it up. And femshep, for all of Jennifer Hale’s amazing voice acting talent, isn’t her. Just like Bastila wasn’t based on her. They’re models. People like models. They’re ‘perfect’. Don’t like it, customise it. Easy.

    • Jay Cavazos

      MaleShep is modeled after Dutch model Mark Vanderloo just thought you might like to know :P

    • zuner@heart

      I completely disagree, that is about the most fearsome looking blonde I’ve ever seen, just like all women in mass effect, they’re as likely to kill you as kiss you (if you’re really into ME, you’ll know this is a slightly modified quote from when you ask the Asari on Omega about Mordin). Anyways, people are really blowing this out of proportion, I mean I am a guy, but I have caught myself making some borderline feminist statements. I like her, maybe it’s just the fact that in that particular pic, she has that look of “I’m gonna rip your balls off, you cheating sonofabitch!” that I saw from the girl in **Drive Angry** in her eye.

    • michael

      Wait…. so let me get this straight. You idiots that are complaining about the new female Shepard, are complaining about her hair color?! O_O Her damn hair color?! Lmaooo. That is the stupidest thing I have ever heard. *Gasp* She’s a blonde! :O Let’s bash her and call her barbie. You people are ignorant idiots. It’s a freaking hair color! Get over it! Blonde, brunette, red head, why does it matter? The fans voted for this one. Case closed. Its done and over with. Don’t like it. Do what every one else is saying. Create your own Shepard, or import your old one. All in all. Just enjoy the damn game.

  • Mel

    @Matt: That’s quite the philosophical question. I think it depends on how “dead” Shep really was during those two years. We see a scene where Shep wakes up prematurely – so, (s)he wasn’t dead for the whole two years. At some point (s)he went from dead to comatose. Which leaves the question: When did Shep’s life clock start ticking again?

    • Spec4 Davis

      The fact of the matter is that Shepard’s body is approximately 31 years old. Though (s)he died, time did not stop, thus his/her body would still be the same age. Mentally, however, Shepard would feel the same age that (s)he was when (s)he died.

  • GW

    I think this is a good thing, despite the obvious ramifications. Ultimately, most Femshep fans would be so attached to their own characters by now, that setting a ‘default’ Femshep would always upset the majority. I also looked at the 6 options and thought ‘Oh, not one looks like my (the real :P) Femshep…’

    I can imagine the exact same thing happening if male Shepard was only just getting a canon appearance. At the end of the day, this was a vote. There’s no point bitching about the outcome – Bioware won’t ‘force’ you to play the default Femshep. And if the hair colour bothers people so much, they can change it :)

    This will be a short-lived tantrum. Most ME players will import their prior games, and opt for slight tweaking of appearance rather than full blown overhauls, so in the long run this doesn’t matter. At least Mass Effect will get a female face on it.


    Actually, the default Femshep looks only vaguely like Jennifer Hale, as no face modeling was used (unlike, say, Miranda), and Maleshep is actually modeled on Mark Vanderloo, not Mark Meer.

  • GrumpyBlonde

    Angela, couldn’t care less, could care less means you do care. You were worried they might remove customisation, a key feature of the series, they won’t. Silly concerns are silly.

    You must have some mature looking twelve years olds where you live.

  • Angela

    @GW ur right I meant Mark Vanderloo, Mark Meer is the voice! Duh. And yes looks vaguely they didn’t use her with the dots on her face I just meant that they put thought into the first cannon Shepards.

    Wow @GrumpyBlonde you found a double negative in something that still means you could care less. Why are you trying to start a fight when I am just voicing my opinion?

  • wolf4real

    ok and i all just want the game ASAP

  • JaxMaster

    Well I would have picked a red head shep if there was a choice, (why wasn’t there?) but how can you “take out” the blonde haired blue eyed representation when that type of people clearly exists?

    Removing that option because someone didn’t like it, even though it exists in real life, then I should be allowed to tell them to remove whatever choice I don’t happen to like.

    Honestly, the staple male shep look is rather stupid looking imo as well. I mean it’s not like I’m forced to stick with standard male shep look, and since I’ve been using mine for 2 games now I could care less that my shep isn’t represented on the box. That’s just how it is.

    I do think the fem shep players need to take a step back, take a breathe, and let their nerd rage go away before they get back to the game and remember that your shep is your shep. The one on the box means nothing if you don’t give it any meaning.

  • R451

    So when do we actually get to see the FemShep trailer that was announced…almost 2 months ago? That’s what I’m really concerned about, excluding the actual game itself of course.

  • From a blonde….

    Whats the big deal about Shep being blonde?! Im one of the few natural blondes out there, so am I instantly a wishy washy barbie for being born so(and for making my fem shep blonde)? Would I have been allowed to have a such a massive nuclear grade hissy fit if fem shep was a red head? The majority of the people who play mass effect are males. Males have had a blonde fettish since the romans started paying double for blonde slaves. Get over it and MOVE ON! If it enerages you so much guess what….you can make your fem shep look however you want!!!

  • Zzz

    Can’t you alter her default looks anyway? Who cares? I’ll be importing my own FemShep…

  • stereotypically stupid blonde barbie mass effect fan

    It’s extremely stereotypical that just because she is blonde she has to automatically be compared to a Barbie. People completely forget about her personality and asume that her hair color has somehow altered her. She’s still the same badass that we know and love. So just because I’m blonde means that I’m a “personality vacuum” with no diversity, originality, or personality? Nice going, lady. Someone who really cared about getting rid of sexism would argue for equality, not bash one group of people into the ground and pretend they only exist in men’s fantasies.

  • DIRGwolf

    …I think she looks cool. Wasn’t there for the voting of the canon femshep, but I think she looks cool and badass. :\

    Also why do people complain and argue and make such a big deal out of something so little and stupid. You know I happen to like this Shepered over the male version. XD Get rid of him and put her in his place, is what I say. haha. jk.

    Anyway, really people? Are we all 12? It’s a game, not only is it a game but its a game that allows you to 1: Import your character from previous games, and 2: COSTAMISE! …. -_-;

    *sigh* Does it really matter what canon femshep looks like, is there a reason for all this chaos over something so, so…bloody stupid? No, there isn’t.

    ….On another note….Bioware… >o< you better put more depth into the relationships!

    More GarrusXFemshep! XD & TaliXMaleshep :)

    …. :D

  • Wilza

    I think she looks pretty bad-ass, what the hell should the colour of her hair matter? The male Shepard fairly un-original too, but who even cares? Many people customize their own Shepard, and many choose to use the default. Besides, the in-game default FemShep is blonde anyway! Near enough.

    I am male, and yes I did vote for the blonde. So what? She looked more suited to be FemShep than the others. Perfectly suited, actually, in my eyes.

    Well, quite a large majority of people voted for her, so the large majority of people (those who voted at least) should be fine with her on the cover.

  • brad

    The problems with this is that she looks too young and like a barbie doll. They should have created something a little older and more athletic looking.

  • Mahkara

    Wow…while I can see why people liked the other Shepards (#5 wasn’t my pick, either), could we quit with the attitude that attractive, blonde women can’t be kick-ass and heroic? (And I’ll throw in that *all* of the potential choices were drop dead gorgeous and model perfect. There wasn’t an ugly one among them.) While I get some of the disappointment, bashing the character is just nasty.

  • R

    I’m completely and utterly offended. No, not because a blonde Shepard was chosen, but because so many people truly believe that a kick ass, intelligent, charismatic and strong female cannot possibly have blonde hair. “A blonde with substance to her character!? Le gasp! This is impossible!” If a brunette was chosen, I bet you assholes would be going on about how all is well and right in the gaming world. I know you wouldn’t be angry at any other hair color option… It shouldn’t matter what she looks like, Shepard is still Shepard. Hair does not define personality, people! How can you be so stereotypical as to see “blonde” and automatically think “barbie”? Can you really claim to be against sexism with that kind of outlook? Quit your bitching and just play the damn game when it comes out. It’ll be brilliant no matter what hair color you give your Shepard!

  • DIRGwolf





    Why does everyone keep saying she looks young and barbie like? I don’t see it… All I see is a version of female sheperd, that’s all.

    Again, why is everyone making a big deal out of it? This is so stupid, get over yourselves, grow up a bit and stop acting like five year olds whos mommys’ have said no to a candy bar…

    …really I don’t understand people sometimes…

  • Required: Name

    I’m just waiting on the bloody game.
    For God’s sake, its just a cover. I hated the ME1 cover but loved the game. I loved the ME2 cover and the game. It’s the game that matters, not the cover art.

  • Crumplepunch

    “But any contest when voted on solely based on the outwardly appearance and attributes of a woman is going to teeter on the edge of sexism, especially when that contest is for the promotion of an industry that is often labeled as misogynistic.”

    If you are worried that X or Y is sexist, there is an easy litmus test you can do. Just flip the genders and see if the criticism bears out!

    Ask yourself, if MaleShep was chosen in this way, could BioWare be accused of misandry? I think quite obviously not.

    Bayonetta: Sexist. FemShep: Not Sexist. The test doesn’t lie.

    My particular objection to the charge of sexism aside, it seems a bit silly to criticize a vote on FemShep’s appearance for being based only on her appearance.

  • Amber

    She looks like how my femshep did throughout both games…and I am a woman. Personally, I like the idea tha a female character can be strong and brave while maintaining her femininity. I am so sick and tired of how females are portrayed in many video games, movies, and TV. Granted, both the male and female Shepard are pretty much the same but at least it’s a step in the right direction. I am so sick and tired of people thinking that to be a strong woman that you have to be manly. These are the same people who don’t believe me when I say I love to pay video games because I am “pretty”. Are you kidding me? For a group of people who think of themselves as so “enlightened” they are sure hung up on looks.

    Get over it, pretty women can save the universe too. Not all pretty woman are self involved dimwits.

  • Reezy

    I didn’t vote in the contest but to be honest I don’t mind the blonde winning. Just because there is the stereotype of blondes does that mean they should all be cast aside? And also, with Shepard kicking ass and readying herself, who has time for a haircut?
    Seriously, if you got a problem with this Shepard, customize your own. Too lazy to do that? Wear a helmet. Too lazy to do that? Die under a rock.

  • Reezy

    Another thing with the “culturally diverse” thing in the future. Just how many blonde haired, blue eyed, white girls have you seen in ME?

  • michael

    Her cold, deep blue eyes has bad ass written all over her. That’s one Commander that you don’t want to mess with.

  • Philbrick

    Considering the amount of characters in the games you can sleep with or that flirt with you. It wouldn’t make much sense if she was butt ugly.

  • zuner@heart

    I’m sorry that I just waisted my time looking into this whole debacle. A girl with a gun IS A GIRL WITH A GUN. Personally, I don’t care what the color of a woman’s hair is, if she looks like she could kill me with her pinky finger, and still looks like i’d want to pick her up in a bar, I like her. Again, not only do I think that she is beautiful, I wouldn’t want to mess with her. Also, women: I’m seeing a lot of STRONG BLONDE FEMALE CHARACTERS on my syfy channel shows. For example, in Warehouse 13, one of the main characters’ ex-wives was a BLONDE US MARINES MAJOR. I’ve seen the stereotype, myself, but honestly, it’s from women who are ACTING stupid, which just turns me off, you can be the prettiest damn woman in the world, but as soon as stereotypical dumb blonde comes out, I’ll vomit. My mother is blonde and the smartest woman I have ever known, save technology.

  • Hemingway Shepard

    The backlash is a load of shit. My Shepard looks like her, less wide face, no mole; but the aspects of either Shepard (male or female) is determined by your actions, plus if you dont like it, you can redesign the character.

  • Zenny

    See this was awesome! I just want to say that I love this game and I love the many different ways you can customize FemShepard and MaleShepard. And I was one of the disappointed fans that just doesn’t like the FemShepard art work that was chosen. Now before anyone gets all mad and says it’s because she is a blonde. it’s not, I have many blonde friends. I had a problem with the look. See if you look at each picture closely you will see that it is the same facial structure but different hair and hair color make up and eye color. To me there was no diversity in the look of the FemShepard. But in this video it totally shows the diversity and I just don’t understand why Bioware didn’t pull the art work for FemShepard from all the different looking woman the game already lets you make.

    I mean she looks like she can kick ass, but she is alien looking in the fact that she is not playable in the game. The MaleShepard is playable in the game so I was just confused as to why Bioware took this route.

    But all in all I love the game and love this video!

  • General Tekno

    As someone who plays as FemShep, I’m pleased to see her get her due. Haven’t followed ME3 closely so wasn’t aware of the contest.

    But in case people have forgotten, Samus Aran is blonde. And awesomely badass. So I really have no problem with this.

    (Heck – I’m tempted now to make a Samus to do a playthrough with, despite having my own character)

  • WTF

    I like how every asshole here completely disregards the possibility that a blonde could ever be a serious or intelligent and competent leader. WHY NOT? Whoever is disgusted just because a blonde was chosen should stop being a bigoted shitpile. Fuck you all.

    • Alcatraz

      I voted blonde shepard because frankly she looked like a vicious Ice queen which would be awesome to play through as a renegade, the blonde hair just works well with the the cold grey eyed emotionless stare.

      And after having a brown haired hero who just looks the part of “the paragon” why not a red or blonde haired to play a female renegade. Instead brown/black haired gaming hags are attacking a blonde shepard using the classic blondes are dumb and barbie stereotypes. Yes Im blonde, and it was nice to have a blonde selected as a main character for a once, I mean just look at almost every game and there are no blonde heros or heroins and even in films the numbers are limited.

      I get that people find playing a character that looks nothing like them can be uncomfortable, I find that, but mass effect has a wonderful character creator, so ultimately its just box art. Blondes recently are always potrayed as villains, and you have ashley and miranda and Jack almost certainly wasnt blonde (we are still guessing over tali but im guessing feathers on that front) so just let the minority hair colours have this one without freaking out and labelling us all bimbos.

  • Charlie

    For what it is worth, I looked at the candidates and Shepherd 5 was the only good looking one. I’m normally a sucker for redheads though.

  • John

    I voted 5, not because that femshep looks like the stereotype of a hot woman, but because she was the most badass looking of all the models, and it looked good with that hairstyle, in contrast of the other 5 that were just plain ridiculous. The article calls the industry mysogynist (with good reason ever since Tomb Raider), but you need to look at the mirror when you call the blonde femshep a barbie. Not all of the blondes are idiots.
    Nerdfact: In the ME books it is stated that natural blondes are no more, so maybe femshep liked yellow…

    • Maxson

      I wouldn’t say tomb raider makes gaming misogynistic, after all, the games have been failing miserably for years and getting critically panned left right and centre, the new tomb raider looks a lot more interesting and not just cause of the cleveage shot in the trailer….Anyhow, what’s wrong with a blonde FemShep? I mean for fucks sake, nobody calls blonde men dumb, the stupidity here is on the hands of the people who don’t like the choice of FemShep, not the people who chose her.

  • Carl

    I forgot who I voted for myself, but the fact that they didn’t (and couldn’t) post detailed pictures on facebook, and that pressure that you can only chose one clearly made this a less than effective poll.

    Regardless, I think the blonde looks fine, being the only model with long hair, which I think contributed to a lot of her votes.

  • Tonkie

    TBH i liked all those designs that were posted they reminded me of the FemHawke from DA:2 i loved em, but that blonde version had the grunge tattered hair bad ass look to her (lol I don’t need make up i’m hot with out it and ill still whoop your ass).

    The good part about this though. If you don’t like BlondyShepard all your gonna have to do is customise then change the hair and colour (and make up if you please). I’m puzzled as to why this would annoy the community. Big whoop she’s on the box art, if your not a dedicated slave to the trade do the right thing and put the box under your bed on on the shelf and play the title.

    I think you can go into the hole debate about glorifying the baby doll and all that other mumbo jumbo, but why you would put so much effort into that when you see the character from behind 80% of the game i think you’ll be focusing on the Geth in front of you not going to a woman’s rights seminar on Thessia.

    Enjoy the game i say – FemShep looks awesome MalShep looks awesome and i look awesome so how about we go play this game?

  • Beth

    She looks cool, badass, and totally awesome. Keep in mind that people VOTED for this. If people really, really didn’t like this blonde femshep, they should’ve told all of their Facebook friends and their dogs to vote for another femshep. Simple as that. Like every else has said previously, you can make your Shepard look any way you want, so this argument shouldn’t exist in the first place. Just sayin’.

  • JJ

    There is no wrong with being blonde but it’s just so typical that the blond got chosen lol
    Can’t we have all 6 of them as default and choose whoever you like ? :P

  • Jack Shepard

    Why didn’t they just use the default female face from the last two games? What was so painstakingly wrong about it?

  • Squire_fish

    I personally think it would have been been perfect with Shep 3’s face, Shep 5’s hair style, and a light brown color. But instead of whining about how she looks I will make my fem Shep that way when the game comes out.

  • Mika

    Three of the six femshep candidates all have the same facial features and makeup. Their only differences are in their hair, eye colour, and skin tone, if you look closely enough. Those three seem to be based on Natalie Portman, and personally, I don’t think that’s a bad thing. Anyone calling blonde femshep — but not the rest — generic and boring is calling Natalie Portman wearing blue contact lenses and a blonde wig generic and boring — but not when she has other hair and eye colours? What the hell?

    Also, I don’t buy the “she doesn’t look thirty-one” argument. My mother’s forty-three and she has the same complexion. Plus, Mass Effect takes place in the future. There’s been advances in medicine. Liara’s even said that humans can reach 150 years of age.

    Just because a girl is blonde doesn’t mean she’s vacuous and narcissistic and can’t kick your ass. Or has everyone forgotten Samus Aran? Shame on the “feminists” putting down femshep #5 just because she’s blonde. They’re not egalitarian, but just as elitist and chauvinist as the misogynists they claim to oppose. Gawd, humans are depressing. If I were of an advanced alien civilisation I sure as hell wouldn’t want to uplift mankind and give them awesome spaceships.

    I’m a chick, and I voted for blonde femshep. O, what a traitor to my sex I am! As William Makepeace Thackeray once said, “I am tempted to think that to be despised by her sex is a very great compliment to a woman.”

  • Alex

    I never usually go in for all this discrimination nonsense – people seem to look for it everywhere now; but surely for all those who are outraged because a “blonde” won are actually discriminating against blondes rather than those of other hair colours.

    Basically, unless your blonde, you’ve won fairly. If your blonde… this happens.

  • qwertyuiop

    the new femshep, femshep number 5, is a barbie. yep, it’s true. but hold on, it’s not just because of her hair – it’s the way that she’s made up. for goodness’ sake, she looks like a promiscuous 21 year old out clubbin’. She’s got the heavy eyeshadow, pink lips, plucked eyebrows – and the disgusting cherry on top – a beauty mark on her cheek. a freaking beauty mark,.so so cheesy. a battle hardened commander in the alliance navy looking like that is unbelievably ridiculous. perhaps if they had shown a full body shot of the femshep, we would also be able to see that along with her extreme whorish makeover, she has also gotten a DD boob enhancement, too. : / objectification of women still persists.

  • Nicole

    I completly agree with your opinion paragraph. At first when I saw the blond FemShep won, I was somewhat upset. Then it hit me,

    the wonders of customization! That really put things into perspective for me. (: Therefor, it really doesn’t matter which FemShep model won,

    Mass Effect 3 is still gonna kick some ass!

  • Luc

    Bioware made a great character by not paying attention to her. Then, as soon as she became popular, Bioware immediately set up a beauty contest to make her hawt, because that’s what matters about women. That’s what Bioware thinks Femshep should be: yet another hawt chick for the guys to fap on. They don’t need a galaxy savior or a military leader, that’s what Manshep is for. I’m just saying what I’m seeing them doing.

    Then we have BioWare’s Quality Assurance Chris Priestly saying this: “My personal preference was for #4 as I thought it was a strong contrast to the default male and that there aren’t enough hawt women of color in video games these days.”

    That’s right, Bioware staff themselves saying they want more hawt chicks. Again, because that’s what matters about the savior of the galaxy and the first human spectre and all her other accomplishments. HEY GUYZ LETZ GO VOTE FOR THE HAWTEST CHICK LOL!!! WHOA MAN THAT COLORED CHICK LOOKS ZOOO HAWT!!!

    I guess I shouldn’t expect better from the gaming industry.

  • aMaster Caboose

    to say this was unexpected would only prove you are incapable of seeing the obvious. male shepard is white and to make the “Official” female version an ethnicity was NEVER going to happen, even in the voting the whiter candidates dominated and it looked like the only competition from the winner was the “lesbo shepard” and “bland-as-fuck shepard”, the winner is the unsettling mix of similar, yet different then her official male counter part. and as i have seen a few people point out: NO ONE IS GOING TO USE THE DEFAULTS ANYWAY, SO STOP BITCHING! everyone is STILL going to ether make shepard look like themselves, the opposite gender they wish they were and how they wish they looked or the type of person they wanna fuck.
    so lets stop worrying about this useless shit and worry about something that matters, like are we going to even get a krogan teammate this time, and if not, bioware head casey-whatever gets the nut-shot of the century delivered with a steel toed boot.

  • Bob

    fyi: this topic is wrong. Femshep is a redhead. It’s official. Announced at Pax a month ago.

  • A Dix

    Let’s make femshep a shaved-head, quarter/quarter/quarter/quarter Africain/asian/indian/native-americain.

    Let’s let the political correctness regime sweep the gaming world away from all astheticly pleasing icons and towards socially pleasing neutrals. All characters must be the same racial-neutral, accent neutral, paradigms of normality.

    That will save the universe, and do it in style.

    While we are at it, we may as well take the completely safe route and hide sheppard behind a tali-mask.

    Seriously, let me dredge some care from G.A.F. bay.

  • nuveena7

    Sorry, but I have to weigh in on the Barbie comments. My daughter has more than a few Barbie’s and not one of them looks like the above picture. Not one even has that kind of makeup or that facial expression. I played ME so many times that I have been a black woman, an Indian woman, two different reds, a bald man and an asian man. I just enjoy the games and the customizing your character and somewhat your story for Shepherd.

  • Jon

    In response to the criticisms by Kim Richards of PC Gamer…. This person kinda scares. Has anyone else noted the severe hypocrisy in her words? She says “Death to Blond” because we need diversity, she says the “blond-hair, blue-eyed” type should be “fazed out” (sic) and not represented in future populations. This person is clearly some kind of idiotic racist. You cannot simultaneously claim to support diversity while condemning an entire group of people! By advocating the elimination of an entire group of people, you are advocating the exact opposite of diversity… Idiot!

  • Retarded Human

    God you people just love to bitch and complain about the dumbest things.First world problems indeed.

  • Light Brunette

    People who have a problem with blondes and call heroes with blond hair some kind of insult…. don’t you see how insulting that is to people who actually HAVE blond hair? By saying that the heroine can’t have blond hair, because it’s weak or girly, that’s just cruel, and a form of racism. What about men with blond hair? I guess that’s wrong too. And like that unkind female writer who demanded that blondes be phased out and cease to exist… sounds like some kind of genocidal tendency going on there. All colors and types should be valued, without stereotyping. Red haired people aren’t always angry, blondes aren’t always feminine or stupid, brunettes aren’t always….. well, I don’t know a stereotype for that one, but you get the point! I hope you are all happy now that the “official” female Shepard is a redhead, your victory is an apparently victorious condemnation of blondes everywhere…

  • Light Brunette

    People who have a problem with blondes and call heroes with blond hair some kind of insult…. don’t you see how insulting that is to people who actually HAVE blond hair? By saying that the heroine can’t have blond hair, because it’s weak or girly, that’s just cruel, and a form of racism. What about men with blond hair? I guess that’s wrong too. And like that unkind female writer who demanded that blondes be phased out and cease to exist… sounds like some kind of genocidal tendency going on there. All colors and types should be valued, without stereotyping. Red haired people aren’t always angry, blondes aren’t always feminine or stupid, brunettes aren’t always….. well, I don’t know a stereotype for that one, but you get the point! I hope you are all happy now that the “official” female Shepard is a redhead, your victory is an apparently victorious condemnation of blondes. Oh well, I like red hair better anyway!

  • Mandeh

    Um…didn’t they decide on the redhead, not the blonde…? .___.’