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Call of Duty on PS Vita, a game changer says Sony

by Bill Hess on February 18, 2012


It looks like the Call of Duty franchise will be heading to the PlayStation Vita this fall. In a recent interview, a PlayStation executive dropped limited details about the shooter and its future on the soon to-be released handheld.

Guy Longworth explains that Call of Duty on the PS Vita is “an absolute game changer” for the handheld. And a fall release in-line with other platforms will give gamers a way to play their favorite shooter while on the go, on the toilet, or anywhere else they can pick up a connection for the Vita.

Whether it’ll be a fully featured version of the game, complete with the robust multiplayer features of the console versions of the game, is yet to be announced. But with the specs of the Vita, it seems to be possible.

What do you think about Call of Duty on the Vita? Is it a game-changer? Let us know in the comments section below.

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  • Curtis

    Maybe it will be that Third Person/Adventure Call of Duty that Sledgehammer Games was working on.

    • snipeUout

      They already called a press release to say they were stopping the creation of the 3rd person call of duty. Sorry everyone

  • Br@D

    This is one of the reasons i bought a vita. If it has multiplayer im in. Plus theres Assassins Creed, Mortal Combat and tons others.

  • asdf

    fck that two CODS at one fcking year!

  • xL337x Revenant

    You should be slapped sir, you spelled Mortal Kombat wrong.

  • Br@D

    Damn i did, someone needs to give me a fatality.


    I got the galaxy tab 7.7 instead for 465$ aus off ebay. I was not willing to pay 350$ for the vita then 100$ for the memory card and then 50$ FOR ONE GAME?

    • iliketopiss

      cry more.

    • ValcoreX

      First off get your math right it is:
      WiFi Vita $250
      8gb Memory $35
      Uncharted GA $50
      Hotshots Golf $40
      ModNation $0 Limited time offer
      Total $375

      So that is a total of 3 games and a more powerful system all for about $90 LESS than what you paid for your less portable, touchscreen only handheld with NO GAMES. Have fun playing iRunner all the time and good luck with getting any updates for your tab.

  • grecs

    Last I checked the vita was selling for 250


    In aus its 350$

  • njb

    The Vita is on the same ground as todays next gen home consoles. course its capable but i dont think activision could even make a exclusive COD considering their contract with MS and to be honest I dont think we want a badly exploited game thats buggy on the Vita.

    Just look at Uncharted Golden Abyss. Its better than Uncharted 1 in terms of visuals and the gameplay is looking solid. im lovin the touch screen controls. its so fluid

  • Cool dude

    Its NZ$450

  • Cool dude

    Kinda sad that Psvita has to rely on Cod to sell. Whats even sadder is that Sony basically said it themselves.

  • Cool dude

    My feel of Vita:

    I demoed the PS-Vita. I overall, I thought the buttons were kinda small, but that they were still manageable. My biggest disappointment was probably the screen. I’m a big advocate of OLED and seeing it for the first time on the Vita was pretty disappointing. The black levels (which are suppose to be the biggest drawing point for OLED) seem to have a “washed-out” look to it. The display also didn’t seem to be too bright, but I couldn’t find out how to raise and lower the brightness, so it could have just been in a low setting. Also, you can obviously tell games like Gravity Rush and Uncharted weren’t running in the Vita’s native resolution. It looked kinda low-res, which was a disappointment.

    Overall, I gotta be honest and say that I wasn’t that impressed with the Vita. Sure, the graphics on an almost PS/360 level are nice, but I just don’t find more value seeing them on a handheld than I do on my TV. The games are going to be what is most important, and since I don’t play handhelds that much, there has to be more games released that will make me want to own a Vita. Currently, Uncharted alone hasn’t made me want to spend $250 to play just one game. Obviously there is great potential for amazing games, but I need to wait to see those game in order to commit to purchasing a Vita.

    • Cool dude

      6.5/10 rating.

    • Allen

      Get the fk out of here you fking xbot troll. You say the stupidest things; fking green rings

    • Cool dude

      Im sorry? So what are you the only one in this website that can express opinions? Pfft… Whatever Allen..

    • Cool dude

      Anyway, If I was green rings, A total idiotic fanboy… Do you really think he would have taken time to write a sensible and non-offensive comment/review about the vita?


      ” write a sensible and non-offensive comment”

      Just to point out something your are incapable of doing.

    • Allen

      6.5/10 rating – total fking loser xbot troll

      Kinda sad that Psvita has to rely on Cod to sell. Whats even sadder is that Sony basically said it themselves. – another stupid fking comment from a stupid motha fka

      Its NZ$450 – Some backwards ass bull $hit, what you trying to say here? You’re fking lame

    • Cool dude

      So hang on, I give out an honest review with an honest score based on my review. And you dont like it?
      Do you want me to give a 10/10? Do you want me to say that I had a perfect time with the vita?

      Do you want me to LIE?

      So you want every single person to like the vita?

      Theres always people who will hate it, think that its mediocre and will love it.

      So whats your answer?

      Yeah, you can hate on my comments, but dont call it stupidly biased because you simply disagree with it.

      “Kinda sad that Psvita has to rely on Cod to sell. Whats even sadder is that Sony basically said it themselves.”

      Ohh didnt they? Did you read the article?

      “Its NZ$450″

      Prove me wrong. And thats only the wifi version. 3g is $550. (I think)

  • njb

    Any game on vita will be better than cod in terms of graphics. Lol

  • Allen

    Bla ha ha, Call of Duty on Vita. Dude Xbox got nothing on that; peeps buy that like it’s legalized weed. I don’t care for Call of Duty but the fanboys in the millions will go pick one of those up. Bring on the Battlefield.

    Sure there’s the memory thing but PS Vita is way better than an ipod touch and instead of playing Angry Birds you can play games like Battlefield, Call of Duty & Uncharted. Plus for $50 less and you get buttons and analog sticks and PSN.

    • Cool dude

      Comparing a home gaming console to a handheld… nice one retard.

    • Allen

      Call of Duty and Battlefield on the go. Freaking gaming on my lunch break or even a 15 minute break. Gaming in the lobby of a doctors office, dentist office, in line anywhere, no matter where you go.

      No this isn’t console gaming; it’s high quality graphics, browser, camera, music, movies. full online connectivity and gaming on the go.

      The Vita is the $hit and you are just a stupid blind xbot troll the likes of green rings.

      Xbox is a pile of crap – so sorry that windows phone 7 sucks donky balls and that the zune failed so hard that it wasn’t alive more than a couple of years.

      So sorry that you have to admit you are among the few people in the world too freaking stupid to know any better than xbox is a total freaking scam. You pay $300 for that POS – the unreliable motha fking device in history. It has no blu ray, no browser and it’s the only one pay to play. You have no exclusive content, and you still gotta buy a blu ray player and battery packs and before the slim you would have to pay $100 for wifi too.

      Freaking cheap ass Wii has had wifi, browser, free online play and hardware reliability since launch. Xbox can’t say any of that and even to this day out of all that it only has wifi.

      You act like greenrings.

    • Cool dude

      I dont know why you even brag about browser. I mean are you using your Ps3 for browser right now?

    • Cool dude

      I act like green rings because how….

      Make a sensible comment next time. I can barely read it with all the swearing in it LMAO.


    You dumb american pr!cks the vita has different pricing for different countries my god allen you are so stupid suck mu sausage

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