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DICE Contributing to Mass Effect 3

by Bill Hess on April 22, 2011

DICE has been a busy developer as of late.  Not only do they have their hands full with Battlefield 3, but they’re helping out with Mass Effect 3 also.  Bioware has tasked the developer to assist with the development of Mass Effect 3’s weapons.  DICE brings it’s expertise to the game in regards to a few areas where they should be extremely resourceful.  DICE will be helping on Mass Effect 3 with the physics of bullets, weapon sounds, and environmental damage.  All things that really shine in DICE’s Battlefield games.

DICE and Bioware are both published by EA, and this wouldn’t be the first time that the Swedish based developer has helped out a fellow EA stable mate.  Last year they assisted with Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit.

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  • Richie

    You know im really disappointed in bioware, and not that i dont think this games gonna be a hit because i gaurentee it is but the fact that there focusing on all the wrong areas in the franchise. Combat is a good thing to focus on when it sucks, and the combat in ME2 is good enough not to spend all there extra time tweeking it and worrying about being compared to call of duty and other FPS games because the fact is itl never be that great of an FPS. Mass Effect was originally an RPG action game not the other way around and should stay that way, they need to bring back a similare vibe to ME1 with the wide open exporation with vehicles insted of replacing it with that stupid planet scanner which was soooooooooooooo boring. Now i cant say anything about the RPG elemts because in other articles i did see that they were gonna make them much deeper but idk i guesse ill have to wait for when it comes out to judge it. BIOWARE IM COUNTING ON YOU lol

  • Richie

    Ohh and the guns in Mass Effect dont even use bullets, there called slugs and thousands of them should be able to be contained in a single clip so the whole ammo system was a waste of time in my oppinion.

    • the dude

      the clips werent for the ammo they were to cool the guns systems down to prevent over heating hence the name ”thermal clips”

  • njb

    at least Bioware like to change the formula every game otherwise its the same shit, new features and tweaks r welcome. the ammo was changed in ME 2 to universal clips, but specific ammo fo weapon types will be good because u wont be able to spam 1 gun, adds strategy, and Having DICE help with weapons is a bonus, ME 2 only had a few guns, mods and attachments mite be kl

  • ha

    please dice dont ruin my beautiful game

  • brownringz

    i dont know what you b!tches are worried about. DICE rules, and so does bioware. stop getting yr panties bunched.

  • SKIN503

    DICE rules the FPS mechanics, Bioware + DICE + ME3 = win, win, win.

  • Grecs

    Nice!!! Always good to hear about devs helping each other out.

  • njb

    Been playin ME2 since PSN is down

    ME2 is great, But i would like to see more custimisation like in Dragon Age Origins, der is not really alot of custom options for armour apart from the DLC stuff & i dont like the fact u cant edit ur Team in any way apart from weapon loadout

    And maybe more weapons in ME3, & Mods would be kl, like in Dragon age

    I have no doubts about ME3 Bioware really have done a gd job, nice to see the PS3 gettin some love


  • dude

    @njb don’t worry Bioware already said the customization will be a lot better & you can have 5 different customizations on a weapon all classes can have all weapons its just limited to how many you can carry & the RPG elements will be better

  • Smoke

    Dice helping or giving their advise is great, they really know what they are doing when it. comes down to combat and guns, bioware and dice shouldcollaborate on a news IP.

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