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Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim on PS3, Don’t fret says Bethesda

by Bill Hess on September 18, 2011

We’ve been getting drip fed Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim information ever since launch, but one thing we haven’t had the chance to see is the PlayStation version of the game.  We all know that the PC version of the game will be superior, but what about console parity between the Xbox 360 and PS3?  Bethesda’s Pete Hines gave PS3 Elder Scrolls fans some comfort when he recently took to Twitter to calm any doubts about the PS3 version of the game.

Hines said he ” Watched Todd ( Todd Howard, Director of TESV) play Skyrim for quite a while.  Had no idea he was playing PS3 version until he held up controller…So PS3 owners, don’t fret.”

That being said, Hines is the Director of Marketing for the company, and its pretty much his job to say that.  We’ll reserve judgement for when the game hits store shelves.  But with so many multiplatform games converting to the PlayStation 3 so well recently, it wouldn’t be a longshot for the PS3 version to come out looking just as good if not better than the Xbox 360 version of the game.

Hines also addressed a few other points when responding to fans on Twitter.  He noted that there will be multiple actors for each race in the final version of the game.  A complaint that was levied against both Morrowind and Oblivion.

TESV: Skyrim launches this November on the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC.

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  • Drake

    who cares? the wii U version will be the best, u just have to wait for another year

  • bozmanbeyond

    “PS3 version to come out looking just as good if not better than the Xbox 360 version of the game.” So is it better or just as good? That answers nothing. It should be better, right?

    • Cool dude

      No, it shouldn’t. I think its going to be the same. If theres a graphical difference, it will be negligible. Yeah “lighting” is much more superior in that console but the other one has more detailed “textures”… Meh…. :P

      “No one plays with a magnifying glass while they play a multi-platform game” right?

      -Cool dude

    • Ihatelisps

      Does a 47 inch television count as a magnfying galss, lolz.

    • Cool dude

      No, a cinema projector does :D

  • asdf

    Good on the 360, BETTER on the PS3

  • Mornelithe

    Doesn’t matter what it looks like, they whored themselves out with the timed DLC BS, if I ever get Skyrim, it’ll be years down the road when an ultimate edition comes out, with all DLC, and at a lesser price.

    • Black_Napalm

      really? your not going to get a game because you have to wait one mouth for DLC that might not even be that great (like fallout 3’s ware the only good one was Point Lookout)? it is just MS going ohhh my dick is bigger…. i say fuck it i am going to need that extra mouth to explore Skyrim!

    • Mornelithe

      @ Black_Napalm: Yes really. I’m tired of seeing it, and I’m tired of contributing to it like it’s ok. As I said, if I get it, it’ll be when the game + all dlc is at a discounted price. I personally have an issue with any hardware manufacturer purchasing timed exclusivity of anything, and that goes for Sony too.

    • Black_Napalm

      yeah it gay but its business… i completely understand why MS dose it, do i support it? no it dirty tactics but i accept it for what it is. also i see it as letting MS win if you just go no way am i buying it because there buying the rights to the DLC, i say let em waist there money.

    • Mornelithe

      @ Black_Napalm: I disagree, I think eventually companies like Bethesda will see how tepid their sales are on PS3 early on…provided enough people show the testicular fortitude. And then will certainly take notice when their sales spike much more dramatically when the Ultimate/All DLC on disc package releases.

      Remember, the PS3 isn’t placed _vastly_ below the 360 for sales anymore. It used to be a very very good business model for Microsoft to exploit, simply because they really didn’t have to fork over as much money for the deal. Now though? We’re talking 10’s of millions in profits they risk.

      I certainly may live in my own fantasy world of morals, I won’t deny that. But, that’s ok with me. I won’t support it, and if nobody else agree’s that’s fine…what I do really has no impact on everyone else. In my opinion, Microsoft has more money to waste than they know what to do with, it’s Bethesda I hold responsible. Hardware manufacturers have rarely ever been known to use principles or morals in their business models.

    • Frank

      @ Black Napalm. Bethesda treats TES dlc completely different. They make expansion packs that last over 20 hours, like the Shivering Isles, which was amazing.

    • Black_Napalm

      i see where you are coming from but in the modern gaming industry it makes no difference if a select group the “testicular fortitude” chosen one’s decide not to buy the game because MS just basically reimbursed Bethesda’s lost revenue. but lets say your plan succeeds and no one who owns a PS3 buys Skyrim …. it will only bite us in the ass when the developers go well there is no money to be made with Sony anymore so were gonna have to just stick with MS and the Xbox. your idea is good on paper but it is impossible and would only hurt the gaming community. you do what you gotta do man it is your cash.

      sorry dude but i could not stand Shivering Isles at all, and if Skyrim’s DLC is like it i will not buy it under a circumstances. others did love it but it was not for me.

  • austin janey

    it will most likely look better on the PS3 because of the better hardware but the difference would probably be almost unnoticeable because the resolution that the consoles run is so low by today’s standards if you really want to enjoy this game to its full potential just get a gaming PC and nice screen with a decent pair of headphones

    • Fenrir

      Better hardware? WHAT A GEFORCE 7900 gpu is better hardware yeah right

    • ravensharpless

      A friend of mine likes the elder scrolls games and she has a ps3 and xbox360 but she went and had me build a 1500$ pc for her so she can play skyrim.

  • Chad

    Why even release it on the 360, it’s gonna break while playing this game.

    • derp

      you’re an idiot.

    • Pencil

      I agree with derp. You are an idiot.

    • Cool dude

      @ chad Fanboy is B*tching again

  • Ron Paul

    If the Ps3 is held back in any way by that white styrofoam console, so help me……

  • Tony

    Im pretty sure it will run very smoothly on both consoles. This sees way to important for them and the community to have a game like this problems just for one of the consoles. I think the only thing we should worry about are the bugs that might come ahead.

  • Dovahkiin

    TESV Skyrim= GOTY

  • cheesewaffle1

    you guys know all versions will look pretty much exactly the same lol cept pc damn wish i had an alienware to run this shit on it

    • Mike

      Or even a home built beast like im using now ^.^

    • Mornelithe

      Don’t waste your money on Alienware, build your own PC. Take time if you need to save up money, purchase the parts intelligently and do it yourself. The end result is quite often far beyond what you can imagine. Absolutely love mine.

  • Adam

    He mentions that it might be as good or even better because 1. Like the article said its his job, and

    2. Normally games that are ported to the PS3 end up not looking as good, because the developer tools are hard to use for the PS3 and are drastically different than the 360. So even though the PS3 technically has slightly better stats, most games don’t end up looking any better than on the 360.

    However, since the game has been joint developed with all 3 platforms in mind, I’m sure it’ll look great on all 3. Everyone says how amazing the game has been looking even though all of the footage has been on 360, so it’s going to look insane no matter what you play it on.

    • Cool dude


    • Ihatelisps

      Is anybody wierded out that on forums like these PS3 and Xbox (and PC) get along together more often then if it were on a shooter or console based article. Getting along is what gaming community used to be, im glad to see it still some what alive today.

  • Twon is back

    Why are ya’ll trying to complain over witch system will be better for the game. Bethesda clearly stated that it will be identical on both consoles. The only difference would the the resolution where the PS3 can run games at native 720P and the 360 can’t. That is only beneficial to someone who has an HDTV though.

  • Bacon

    Many developers say both version will look identical and either many times there right or there are times where you can see a certain version got the better treatment

  • Bacon

    Between 360 and ps3, if the ps3 isnt the first version they’re working on then they are holding the game back from achieving greatness

    • johnnyboy

      Ummm…. are you serious? lol. unless you design a game based for a PC, you will never get greatness from either of those obsolete, crappy console toys that you guys call gaming machines.

    • HatersBeHating

      How are consoles not gaming machines? You play games on them don’t you? Elitist cunt, you think having a better PC = a bigger dick? Ha, for you to even brag about which system you play on proves your the biggest fucking nerd on the planet.

    • Mornelithe

      What an appropriate handle for you to be using, Haters. ;)

  • skapoo

    well that’s great news, learning about this and that UMVC3 is getting better boxart is good stuff. Still gunna wait for them to work out bugs though and patch it up before I get it.

  • Adam

    Jesus, does anyone here know what you’re talking about?

    A Playstation 3, and an Xbox 360 are computers. They are computers specifically designed to play video games and do nothing else. If you develop a PC to play a game, than a 360 or a PS3 can play it too. All the basic parts are the same, the only difference is the brand/ strength of the parts.

    That being said, the PS3 and 360 have almost exactly the same graphical stats. Both versions are going to look basically the same, there will hardly be any difference between them.

    • Mornelithe

      Well, no offense meant here, but yes, I do know what I’m talking about. And using the term ‘PC’ to cover the consoles, while true, is also a tad misleading at the same time. Especially when you back it up with, they all run the same way. That’s really not true at all.

      There’s a reason why PS3 games, in it’s first few years, suffered greatly when compared to their 360 counterparts. And it’s actually very simple. The relationship between the CPU and GPU in the PS3 are so vastly different than what typical coders this day and age expect, that attempting to run 360 code on a PS3 results in…not so stellar performance.

      Basically, the main core of the PS3’s CPU (PPE or Power Processor Element)is not designed as a general purpose core, like the 360 or the PC for that matter. Instead, it mainly runs routines and schedules, ergo, directs the 8 APU’s (SPE’s or Synergistic Processing Element) what to do and when to do it. In the PS3, 7 SPE’s run actual software code, while the 8th is set aside for hardware security. What this all really ends up meaning is that the Cell itself performs much of the tasks that would be typically associated with GPU function, while the GPU in the PS3, for all intents and purposes, draws lines on the screen.

      So, when General Purpose Code (Out of Order) is simply thrown at the PS3’s architecture (which requires In Order Code), the end result is noticeably different than that of the 360. However, when developers take the time to write it properly, the results can often be better than the 360, as has been the case lately.

      Long story short, you’re right, but a tad wrong heh.

    • Cool dude

      Negligible difference. I enjoy both consoles. Yes maybe the ps3 is more superior at the CPU but what adam is trying to say is that, they are built with an almost identical architecture that the ACTUAL differences do not matter. Yes I am aware of the 7SPEs as compared to 3 cores of xbox360. But “no one plays with a magnifying glass”

      Let me also say this to you: Battlefield 3 will undoubtedly be better on Ps3, Skyrim will be better on the 360.. why? because they sign contracts to each company to earn more $$$.

      The graphical difference between the Black ops on both ps3 and xbox 360 is so obvious that it is not even funny.

      The honest companies out there that doesnt sign contracts on microsoft or on Sony has games that has negligible difference on graphics and other elements.

      Do you get what im trying to say?

    • Mornelithe

      “Negligible difference. I enjoy both consoles. Yes maybe the ps3 is more superior at the CPU but what adam is trying to say is that, they are built with an almost identical architecture that the ACTUAL differences do not matter. Yes I am aware of the 7SPEs as compared to 3 cores of xbox360. But “no one plays with a magnifying glass”

      The differences in the 360/PS3 versions early on, were enough to use as talking points against the PS3 from it’s launch. Now that the tables have evened themselves out, and in some cases turned entirely you’re goosestepping on back to ‘negligible’. That sure is mature of you.

      “Let me also say this to you: Battlefield 3 will undoubtedly be better on Ps3, Skyrim will be better on the 360.. why? because they sign contracts to each company to earn more $$$.”

      No, BF3 will be better on PC, and so will Skyrim for that matter, because there’s vastly more system resources to play with. That’s where I’m getting BF3, how about you? Oh, stuck with a console, how cute.

      “The graphical difference between the Black ops on both ps3 and xbox 360 is so obvious that it is not even funny.”

      Given Activision being in Microsoft’s back pocket, that doesn’t surprise me, of course ever since the CoD genre went to console, the entire series has become laughable and silly. Probably why I haven’t touched them, and prefer to play REAL shooters, like Stalker, and Arma 2. You wouldn’t know about those though, they’re actually difficult, require skill and an attention span of longer than 5 minutes.

      “The honest companies out there that doesnt sign contracts on microsoft or on Sony has games that has negligible difference on graphics and other elements.”

      Originally when the PS3 launched, it didn’t matter which company was producing the title, the PS3 version still suffered, and that was because developers weren’t familiar with the PS3’s architecture, as I explained in my original post. Now, in some cases the PS3 version is actually better.

      “Do you get what im trying to say?”

      I get what you’re trying to say, you’re a fanboy who can’t read. And you successfully pissed off a PC gamer who has more money invested in his hardware than both the 360 and PS3 combined, and we’re talking launch prices. Have fun with your poor man’s PC.

    • Cool dude

      Very sorry if i made you angry Mornelithe. Im just stating what i think.

      Plus, why are you talking about the past? Talk about the present.

    • Ihatelisps

      Somewhat ignore my comment above now.

  • Jeb Bush

    I want proof that it’s in good quality.

  • Ink

    The sh¡tbox 360 is soooo inferior, doesn’t deserve this game. The stupid console will scrath this masterpiece if you move it, what a joke. Cheap ass console.

    • Ihatelisps

      Buddy, dev kits for Bethesda are mostly used for Xbox then its platformed over to the PS3 so if it would break an Xbox it would break the PS3 in turn wouldn’t. Also Sony should do more contracts with big time companies or help with gaming events in donations it could help Sony in the long run, I mean say BF does what COD did this year and do an event for BF to test the game have a good time, and get the game for free obvisiously. Then have PS3 help sponser the event like Xbox did for COD. Its just an example but back to the matter at hand, it shouldn’t matter cause 360 graphics look amazing so it should be amazing for PS3 too.

  • DragonBorn

    Ok lets get one thing straight: Skyrim will be powerful no matter what console it is played on. I personally am a xbox fan because i played Halo 2 and Halo 1 all the time all night with me and all my friends. You cant say the same thing about Halo as you can a PS3 game. I am not going to diss the PS3 because it is a very amazing console but despite the fact that xbox may not be as good by a few missing molecules it has halo and that got me hooked. But now skyrim is comeing out on xbox and i am going to be playing it on my xbox.

  • Aaron

    This is the game from mojang right? :D

    • Fuckface


    • Ihatelisps

      I wonder if you can Mine… oh wait you can Craft stuff in this one armor wise and swords. lulz

  • Luke

    I am in no way a fanboy but I wouldn’t worry about the PS3 version too much it will probably be better than 360’s because of how much this game is going to require, I mean a game of this size will easily need multiple discs to run on 360, so have fun with that, PS3’s blu ray will carry this fine.

    also PS3 versions tend to look better and run better so why such a problem

    • Hoppsy


      its already been announced that it will ship on 1 disc for the 360, which is a bit worrying

    • Cool dude

      Im getting this on the 360 even though i have both consoles but that doesnt matter. What matters is that I’d rather have 2 disks of awesomeness than one disk of compressed textures. if you get what I mean

    • Allen

      Yeah because they need to compress it on Blu ray so it can fit…..oh wait.

    • Mornelithe

      @ Illiterate aka Cool Dude:

      1 Blu Ray disc holds 25g of Data, 1 dual layer BR disc holds 50g of Data.
      1 single layer DVD holds 4.7g of Data, 1 dual layer DVD holds 9.4g of Data.

      Do the math. Or is your skill at arithmetic as challenged as your reading comprehension?

    • Cool dude

      @Mornelithe whoah.. easy there tiger… dont get all technical at me. I was talking about the xbox 360 disks..

    • Mornelithe

      @ Cool Dude: Oh, you haven’t seen anything yet. Wait until my comment up above is approved by a moderator.

      Now, I’m going to say this really slowly for you, so it clicks.

      PS3 = Blu Ray
      360 = DVD

      Now, apply that, to what I said above. The PS3 needs no compression, in fact, the PS3 could hold it’s version, and the 360 version on one disc.

    • Cool dude

      Ugh… sorry if I made any errors. I was talking about the 360 probably having compressed textures because the disk can only hold 10gigs as compared to blu-ray.

      I said that I ‘d rather have two DVD disks rather than one for the xbox 360 If that doesnt compress the textures… Got it?

    • Mornelithe

      @ Cool Dude: That makes more sense, unfortunately, the comment above is still awaiting moderation. Keep in mind, nothing I said was stated in a fan-boy manner, when I was explaining the differences between the 360/PS3 internals. You pressed some buttons that didn’t need pressing. I’ll let you deal with the outcome when it arrives. heh.

    • Cool dude

      Sorry but what do u mean by moderator?

    • Allen

      LMAO, wording is important I guess.

      That all happend because you said you were getting it on 360, then said you would rather have 2 disks than 1 compressed.

      What you meant was even though you own both consoles you are getting it on xbox. And even if it is on 2 disks you would still get it on xbox because it’s superior to a single compressed xbox disk.

      But why do you get all your multi plats on 360? I mean if you own both then you should divy it up, PS3 is more reliable and more features on most multi plat games and you would be putting less ware and tear on your 360.

      I mean Skyrim is the type of game you want to play for hours on end, all night. I’d rather keep a PS3 on all night than a 360. Hell my PS3 is on more than it’s off.

    • Cool dude

      Well, im getting it on xbox 360 and not ps3 because more of my 90% of my friends will buy it on the 360 and they all own both consoles aswell. Don’t get me wrong. I have no intention of “whos superior than who”. If you know what i mean

    • Black_Napalm

      @ Cool Dude
      just a question but um why dose it matter if your friends are buying it on which ever console when it is a single player only game??? just wondering.

    • Cool dude

      Well, after swimming training last saturday. I hung out with my friends. We were talking about upcoming games like BF3, MW3, Uncharted 3, Halo:CE, you get the picture. Then I just randomly thought that since skyrim would cost the same on both consoles. I told my mates to try to convince me on what platform i should get skyrim for. I was gonna get it for ps3 because which is my “singleplayer console” which is preferred for this game but most of them just told me to get it on the 360 instead.

      Well, since they cost the same. I just went with the crowd.

      @Allen BTW I have the xbox 360 250gb slim console so I could just install the game on the HDD so the console won’t make much heat. But if you want to get it on ps3.. be my guest

  • Azurome

    No doubt the PC version is going to be the most popular with all the mods and such, but could it it possable to mod the Console versions?

    • Mornelithe

      For the PS3 absolutely, however, Microsoft has a very very strict policy with regards to XBL, so that would require some kind of shift in their network structure. Remember Unreal Tournament 3 allowed PC/PS3 mods, but the 360 didn’t. Pretty much the same situation here.

      It’d REALLY be nice if consoles would open up a bit, especially in the games mods department. But, given the tendency for hackers to exploit such things, until the consoles employ some sort of punkbuster-esque application, I don’t think that’ll be happening. Though, since Skyrim isn’t an FPS, who knows, it’s possible. Microsoft just needs to loosen their sphincters a bit.

    • Ihatelisps

      Its actually most likely going to be implemented, but for safety of gaming they try to keep the lid on so nothing goes wrong, butwho knows Steam is rumored to come to the Xbox which would be nice then you wonder if you can transfer games you have from steam over to Xbox, that would be neat.

  • Adam

    I appreciate your knowledge on the matter Mornelithe, I myself am already well aware of everything you just said, but this clearly is not a tech forum so I don’t bother people with really technical jargon. I was explaining that the 360 and PS3 are computers. They are not PC’s, but they are computers. Your average person usually won’t get the connection. I’ve found that a lot of people tend to think that these consoles are magical little boxes that make video games in Forge World.

    Also, everything Cool dude said was perfectly valid if you had gotten what he was trying to say, so lay off trying to make him feel like an idiot.

    @ Cool dude

    A moderator is someone appointed by the owner of a site to basically police the comments and make sure that people aren’t being harassed. They have the power to edit/remove comments and ban people usually.

    • Cool dude

      Ohh, I get what you mean

  • DragonBorn

    hmmmmmmm… and skyrim is my mom sooooooooooo…

    • Ihatelisps

      OMG you play DnD don’t you

  • Mr. Ichi Yamamoto

    ” He noted that there will be multiple actors for each race in the final version of the game. A complaint that was levied against both Morrowind and Oblivion.”

    So, this is great. No longer will we face the Nurse Joy and Officer Jenny dilemma like on Poke’mon.
    Voices are great, and guards? Will they look the same, or twins with different voices?

    • Ihatelisps

      Thank Avo

  • ps3 sixaxis controller

    Watched Todd play Skyrim for quite a while. Had no idea he was playing PS3 version until he held up controller. So PS3 owners, don’t fret.

  • Reality

    Watched Todd Howard play skyrim. Didn’t know which console it was until the game started lagging and froze within the first 10 minutes. Ahhhhhh the PS3 version!

  • Cool dude

    Thats what your mom said last night

  • Black_Napalm

    hahahaha i hope that was intentional or have you been drinking tonight Cool Dude?

  • Cool dude

    lol, mom’s comment disappeared?!?

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