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First Person Shooter Coming Soon for Kinect on Xbox 360

by Bill Hess on May 2, 2011

Microsoft is definitely working on a  first person shooter title for the Kinect.   If you thought that the company had long abandoned it’s core audience, concerning the motion controller and the games for it,  this morning it was uncovered that Microsoft has a Vancouver based studio working on what is only known at the moment as a “core” “first person shooter”.   “Zipline Studios”, outed in the resume of Shawn Woods, confirms that this “core” title is for Kinect.

Microsoft has made no secret of the fact that they still have their core audience in mind, but nothing that has been released for the Kinect up to this point has had much resonance with this demographic.  This could be the game Microsoft has been mentioning in the last few months in their attempt entice core gamers to purchase the Kinect.

Here’s what was found on Shawn Wood’s Personal Blog:

Microsoft Game Studios (Zipline Studios)
Feb 2010 to Present
Vancouver, Canada

Art Director/Senior Artist (Characters)
Original team member in a new studio with a start-up mentality, hired a team of artists to create social micro-transaction games. Over the course of the year, our studio strategy has changed and now focuses on developing a core AAA shooter experience using Kinect. Member of the MGS Creative Council to promote job training to artists across all Microsoft Game Studios.


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  • njb, I tell it like it is

    That is going to be a b i t c h to actually acomplish. Without any form of physical controller its not really going to work WELL. The Wii is Decent for FPS & the PS Move works well, But no controller, I cant really see it happening. Hatts off to them if they can Produce a Good game that actually works and is not a gimmick.


    I can’t see how a shooter could possibly work with Kinect. Even the fight game “fighters uncaged” was horribly inaccurate so bad that metacritic gave it 31 out of 100.

    All the reviews say the idea is fun but that it never interpits the moves correct.

    Now tell me how the innaccurate Kinect can do a shooter. and how does it know where you want to go,reload, fire, change weapons, target, zoom etc.

    Especially do all that and interpate what you are trying to do.

    It can’t so FPS Kinect must = epic fail.

    Just my opinion. Move does shooters well and the guns are amazing.

    Hum, Kinect gun? maybe that’s the answer.

  • Alex_D

    It’s clear that what Microsoft means by “core gamer” is something very different to what most people mean by “hard core gamer”.

    My guess is that this Kinect FPS will be something like Dead Space Extraction – i.e. a rail shooter. Nice graphics but somewhat unsatifying. If you can’t control movement you lose immersion, and that’s a step backwards (no pun intended).

  • Vince

    I think they should remake Time Crisis for Kinect – that could work

  • njb, I tell it like it is

    NO, Time Crisis needs a Gcon gun like the arcade otherwise its s h i t
    And its an exclusive

  • Dan

    Why wouldn’t a developer be able to use the kinect as a way to enhance a typical “core” game in combination with a controller at the same time?

  • njb, I tell it like it is

    With a controller maybe, but the whole idea of kinect is you move your body. Not use a Physical controller.
    The Eyetoy had the same limitations, Great for party games But nothing for the Core Gamer.
    That is why the Wii & PS Move are GOOD. Motion Control & Physical elements.

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