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Free to Play on Xbox 360 soon?

| April 24, 2012

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Free to play games have become quite popular over the last few years, though consoles have been slow to adopt to the trend. Sony introduced their free to play initiative with their DC Universe Online MMO, and now Microsoft may be jumping on the bandwagon shortly.

According to GamesBeat, Hi-Rez Studios is “actively working on a high-res free-to-play console title”.

Hi-rez currently manages a number of titles on PC, but most recently has just released Tribes Ascend, but no evidence points to that title arriving on the Xbox 360. Giving gamers the option to conduct microtransactions on the Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3 may likely be another revenue source for both console makers in the future.

Todd Harris of Hi-Rez believes that it’s the inevitable future of consoles.

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  • I really wish DC Universe would, but being made by Sony kills that. :) I’d like Dungeon & Dragons online though. Had a lot of fun with that.


    F@ck yeah

  • Man they took there sweet as$ time to do that

  • Egg_Yellow89


  • Daniel Locker

    does that include all of the online games or some?


    Im in

  • Bigjershby

     they forgot free ralms r something like that(its crap) and the upcoming free to play-download shooter dust514 

    dc universe isnt made by sony  sony just has free psn servers for ps3 users 2 play the game on

    i thought minecraft was going to be free?

  • Allen

    LOL, I want some of the $hit this guy is smoking….LOL.

    Pay to play – biggest scam ever

    Made Halo 2 for PC, Vista only, another scam to push their new at the time OS.

    RROD – heavy contender for biggest scam ever (pay to play while no one else is, still holds that title)

    No price decreases – Just a slap in your face. If Sony can bring the all powerful blu ray, browser PS3 down $350 in just 5 years, Xbox can bring their POS down more than $100 in over 6 years.

    No wifi for 5+ years, add $100 – Bla ha ha, Wii and PS3 has had wifi since launch

    Controllers – $50, yet no blue tooth, no gyrsocope and no built in batteries. Bla ha ha, add $20 more if you wish to recharge.

    No Blu Ray – Wow, $299 for that overheating, disk scratching, the only one pay to play, the only one pay to stream which also has no exclusives and no exclusive content. Wow just Wow.

    No Browser – Wow, $299 for that overheating, disk scratching, the only one pay to play, the only one pay to stream which also has no exclusives and no exclusive content. Wow just Wow.

    No true exclusives – Okay very limited, anything that isn’t on PC has a version of it on PC.

    No exclusive content – Wow you pay $300 every 5 years for online while PS3 gamers have free online and get free exclusive content (free games, free maps, exclusive charactors and game modes) yet you are the one that has no exclusive content? Bla ha ha

    **So to get to my point….this guy must be smoking or shooting some god $hit to think that Xbox WILL EVER GIVE YOU A DAMN THING FOR NOTHING. I think 6 years of Xbox brainwashing has really gotten to you guys.

    • Egg_Yellow89

      Pro tip. 

      Press the minimize comment button for Allen’s Comments.(Top right)

    • Brodo789

      Pay to play- how the hell is that a scam? We know what we are paying. We willingly pay it. How is that a scam?
      Halo 2 works on more than just vista.
      RROD- you realize a scam is to make the company money, and microsoft lost money of the RROD, idiot.
      It is pretty easy to decrease the price of your console 350 dollars when it was 600 effin dollars when it first came out dumbass.
      Most people would rather hardwire their internet to their console anyways to minimize lag.
      The 360 contollers are hailed as the best gaming controllers, literally. And why would I want blu tooth. Give me one good reason for it.
      I couldn’t give 2 shits about blu ray. Put a game on 5 disks if you have to.
      No browser- I have a phone, and a computer for that. I use my xbox for gaming.
      No exclusives? Halo, gears, fable. Guess you forgot about those.
      No exclusive content- I would really like to know what free maps you are talking about. O,  and trials, ever heard of those? Did’t think so seeing as how the ps3 doesn’t have them.
      So ya, go play your shitty 600 dollar console that gets hacked more often than a small town school website.