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The Essential Video Games of 2012

by Bill Hess on December 28, 2012
#1 Dishonored

#1 Dishonored

Dishonored is a game that simply must be played more than once to truly be appreciated. There are so many ways that missions can be accomplished, that you’d be doing yourself a disservice if you didn’t see at least one alternative. Which is the trick that a lot of single player games can’t pull. Because of there’s so few game developers with the talent to do that, it’s amazing that a game like this even gets the green light in this day and age.

Dishonored is refreshing, thoughtful, measured, and unique. It’s a reason for gamers to keep supporting developers that are willing to go out and try new things, to tell stories that haven’t been told a thousand times before, even if that is through unconventional mechanisms.

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  • Stan

    This is a decent list the only one I am at odds with is max Payne 3

  • Henry The Ninja Dolphin

    Diablo in the top ten? Crack kills, get some help.

  • Hadouken

    They should call 2012 the year of the hipster. Every best of list seems like its trying to out hipster each other. 2012 was a shitty year for games, yawn!