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New Gears of War title to be announced by Epic at E3

by Bill Hess on May 31, 2012

Outed by Game Informer,  Epic Games will be unveiling the next iteration of the Gears of War franchise at Microsoft’s Press Conference prior to E3 2012.  It’ll be the cover story for next month’s magazine, so there are definitely plenty of details inbound about the upcoming title.

Details are scant right now, but expect much more information about the next game throughout E3.  The mysterious image doesn’t do much by of telling us who or where this iteration of the game will take us, so we’ll have to wait patiently.

A while ago, Epic had been rumored to have Gears of War: Exile in development for the Xbox 360.  A Kinect-centric Gears of War experience, a trademark for Gears of War: Exile was filed way back in January ’11.  Later in February, Kotaku revealed the game as an “on-rails” Gears of War game for the Kinect.

Is this the project that has finally come to fruition?  We’ll find out soon enough.

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  • Allen

    Bla ha ha, it’s so damn funny.

    nothing but Halo

    nothing but Gears

    and a bunch of kids, laggy, misreading command kinect garbage.

    Can’t you come up with one innovative thing? Sony’s announced how many awesome looking exclues this year? None of them being sequels. It’s so pitiful that none of those xbots jumped yet, but then again it was pitiful they didn’t jump during RROD too

    • Valhalla

      Aww.. how cute….

      Its ok allen. Dont cry about it…

    • Brevs

      You are talking innovative? That is coming from a guy that supports the playstation move. HA! 3/4 of ps3 exclusives are below par. The amount of good ones are about the same as xbox 360 total exclusives, and most exclusives on the xbox are good, you know, because people just don’t throw things together and call it an xbox exclusive (like they do with ps3’s…. for most atleast).

  • blazeup

    oh microsoft and your laughable kinect…..i hope this isn’t the case

  • That one guy

    Allen sucks! Haha This idiot(myself) has spoken!

  • Heavenswarrior121

    Itts gonna suck

  • bigjershby

    im sorry but judging how good something is based on sales is retarded brevs u saying theres been no games ever that u hold in high regard that didnt sell that well?

    i personally think gears 2-3 should of been dlc took 3 games to get a worthy boss battle

  • killa

    It prescott!!! that guy too thin to be marcus! those are probably his personal onyx guards freeing him from a cell(like marcus in gears one). remember presscot was missing in between gears2 and 3??? this is the side story of what he did during that time he was missing!!!

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