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Next Gen Consoles will be a quantum leap over Xbox 360 and PS3

by William Schwartz on August 23, 2012

According to Remedy Entertainment, whose most recent work includes the Alan Wake franchise, the next generation of consoles is a “quantum leap” compared to the Xbox 360 and PS3. Spotted on NeoGaf, a recent interview with Oskari Hakkinen of the developer explains how Remedy is already working on a next-gen title.

“Can the new consoles really be that much better than the previous? Rest assured, they are, it is a quantum leap,” Hakkinen told the reporter. Hakkinen didn’t specify what new title Remedy Entertainment was working on, but the development house has said it was interested in revisiting the Alan Wake franchise with a proper sequel.

This generation, the developer has released two titles in the Alan Wake franchise; Alan Wake and Alan Wake: American Nightmare. Just how far along is this new title? According to Hakkinen, Remedy has been working on this next-gen title for some time, despite no announcements from either Microsoft or Sony on their plans for the next generation.

We’ve seen concept videos from Epic Games, Crytek, and Square Enix recently that have also pointed to a considerable leap in graphical fidelity when the next generation finally arrives.

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    I would hope so. I just read that the PS4 will be 4K-HDTV capable, I’m sticking with HD for quite some time but I think this is pretty good news. Sony really needs to release quick and at a good price and bring back Backwards Cap.

    • jason

      Like I said yesterday, you wont be able to tell 1080p from 4000p (or what ever they will call it) unless you have a 80” screen or bigger! You cant even tell the difference between 1080p and 720p unless you have an 37” or bigger screen, just sayin.

    • RROD$2PLAY

      True but that just means that we can game on something 55″ or bigger. I say after 55″ you start losing quality with both PS3 and 360.

    • Cool dude

      4000p Resolution sounds good but will you need it?

      An even more important question…

      Do people own a 80 inch OLED in their houses?


    this is good news

  • Guy

    I think 4k would be a good future proofing move, current 4k players are only $200, I doubt they raise the system price much.

    And who knows, maybe 80 oleds will be affordable in 5 years, back in 2006 I never thought I’d swap all my tube tvs for large lcds.

    • Cool dude

      Even if it becomes affordable… not everyone lives in mansions.

  • narcoleptic

    So you want games to be in the hands of guys that held on to this generation for 7 years? I mean i understand graphics aren’t all what games are about but in this industry electronics are reaching 100% more power every 2 years. THAT is whats happening not whatever they think is going on. Here’s the real problem. We’re in a recession and they have 2 ways of doing this. First they could make them with the rumored parts and make them into the cable boxes that they’re going for latly. That thing that does it all Plays movies, streams netflix, hulu, plays your music and even plays games. Or second. Make it into a powerhouse, state of the art piece of gaming hardware. However ether way that they go for there just isn’t innovation on the console anymore. So much as back in 2005 you had to build a $2000 pc to so much as play a game but now all you need is around a $700 computer to play bf3 on max.

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