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GTA V in 2013?

by Bill Hess on January 17, 2012

Earlier today, Take Two announced that Max Payne 3 would see a delay, but where does that leave Rockstar’s other elephant in the room, Grand Theft Auto V? While the company has been hushed since the reveal, many assumed that GTA V was a locked release for 2012. Gamers, journalists, and analysts are all guessing about the release date for the popular title, but the recent delay announcement

We’ll likely start hearing more about the specifics of a Grand Theft Auto release once Rockstar releases Max Payne 3 which is now slated for May 15th.

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    take your time Rockstar anyway is it confirmed they will be using a new engine seeing as how a new number means a new era, gta3: vice city, san andreas, gta4: liberty city episodes, rdr, max payne 3

  • asdf

    day 1.

  • Allen

    Yes!!! I am just so happy, I do agree. Take your time Rockstar…you have produced the best $hit ever and GTA V needs to really break new ground, give us the taste of awesomeness we had in San Andreas and end this generation with a bang that will make every GTA lover wet their pants (you too ladies)

  • Brevs

    Idk, I also strongly agree that they should take their time but, a lot of analyst are completely out of their heads sometimes. So you never know.

  • Roach

    Take your time, but not too long. Just ask those Half-Life fanatics or those that bought DNF about the disappointment of waiting.

  • That one guy

    I like that thier taking thier time but it does suck when you have to wait longer. It will pay off though

  • 1verce



  • mr jenkins

    GOTY 2012 – 2013 ??? (yes)

  • Anonymous Tom

    “Grand Theft Auto V would benefit from giving Call of Duty some breathing room” Fucking Pachter. It should be the other way around. Call of Duty needs to DIE, needs quit being the popular girl in the school that all the jocks get a handjob from. That franchise needs give OTHER games room to breathe.

    • Allen

      Breathing room? How do you give an annual release breathing room?

  • yep i actually did that shit

    It’s rare that rockstar would put out two major titles in one year and they don’t like sticking to the stereotypical release dates so I would fully expect them to release it about April/March next year. As long as the game is brilliant then that’s fine by me.

  • –Squashed–Dorito–

    Freaking Michael Patcher. I hate that guy and CoD is finished now, CoD 4 was legendary but enough is enough. Now they’re beating a dead horse. As long as GTA V is released sometime in 2012, it’s all good.

    • Dovahkiin

      *Beating off a dead horse

  • Chicagos

    I don’t know bout the rest of y’all but dat sucks if I’m gonna wait till 2013 to play da best game ever gta v just because Mac Payne is on hold mode don’t mean everything else is too. An u know da say da worlds gonna end on 2012 , well dats Wat da say but it would be even gayer is u did have to wait till 2013 an the end does happean .

  • max

    make GTA 5 COME OUT ON MAY 24,2012!

  • Jay

    I don’t get this you’ll show a trailer for a new game in 2011 , but won’t have the game actually come out until the following year in a half to a year ??? WTF Rockstar ??? I’m sorry , but Max Payne 3 can wait . The GTA series is one of Rockstar’s finest creations and they’re gonna just delay it ??? I agree with many who are saying :’ Take your time Rockstar ‘ , yea take your time and all , but please don’t waste my time along with many other loyal GTA fans . I’m not gonna lie ,this really just pisses me off .

  • shamzMANUTD


  • Heavenswarrior121

    Damn was hoping it came out this year -_- and cod will never die dumb ass theres ALOT more people who love call of duty then hate it and plus the people who hate it either suck bad at it or there favorite fps gmne isnt nowear near as great cod is lol

  • Heavenswarrior121

    Theres way more 16 and up ages then there is 15 and down that play cod mostly on xbox theres little kids on psn its alot different alot older people play cod on ps3 i guess you dont understand the word MILLIONS,from the sound of it those 12 year old keep kickin your ass so thats why you rage quit lol failure

    Bf3 to hard? Wtf all you gotta do is ride around in a damn truck or tank to get kills which is nooby sometimes fun but mostly nooby when you keep doing it over and over again but this is about gta the other great gaming franchise




    and yet the cod vs bf war continues with most ppl on the bf side vs heavensworrior on mw side

  • Heavenswarrior121

    I dont believe your words sir,everyone ALWAYS claim they kdr is so great wrong you probably suck let me see proof? You got tired of killing noobs? So you went to play bf3?

  • Heavenswarrior121

    Bf3 is a real game?? Its a fuckin video game dumb ass,if you put to much realism in a video game it gets boring quick thats why developers know the limits to adding how much realism you want, yes i agree with you mw3 maps suck compared to mw2 besides that theres no problem,

    You have to undetstand they have 1 year and some months to create a brand bew video games mw3 has brand new great story mode,fun and addicting survial and spec ops and new and some old stuff multiplayer..thats pretty damn good just a year worked on game DONT HATE THE GAME BECAUSE ITS GREAT

  • Heavenswarrior121

    Take away the brand new engine from bf3 whats the difference between bf2 and bf3? What the jets and some bew guns and thats sbout it right? Yea ok then dont get me wrong bf3 doesnt suck its ok just not on cod level and probably never will be, just wait till the make a brand new engine for cod

  • Bacon

    Awww fudge gta5 was part of my huge plan for an awesome summer this year….smh

  • Heavenswarrior121

    Actually i know alot of bf players who prefer battlefield company 2 over bf3 im pretty sure you herd of that to,and ofcourse its going to have new maps abd dlc you failed to fully answer my question,only thing that seperates bf3 and bf2 is the engine

  • Yabba

    I’m almost certain that GTA V will be released in or around October 2012. San Andreas was released in October and GTA IV should have been released in October. A 2013 release is simply too late. A third generation Xbox is almost certainly under development and Rockstar would not have released such an in-depth trailer if the release date was so long away- what would be the point? GTA V would have been under development the second GTA IV hit the shelves.

    OCTOBER 2012.

  • 666heritk

    i already have the gam

  • Josh

    Looks like all the comments are BS – Moving on.

    No shit – of course it’s not getting released in 2012.

    If it did it would be December which is still highly unlikely. Expect an early Summer 2013 launch

    • Yabba

      RUBBISH- 2013 IS TOO LATE.

  • banks72301

    It really doesn’t matter to speculate if they haven’t released a date. Its all just wishful thinking

  • Cool dude

    Yay GTAV!! Yay!!

  • fred

    fuck Max Payne u need to realise gta v before the world ends man lol

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