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Halo 4 to get a Limited Edition Xbox 360 console

by Ethan Powers on July 8, 2012

We were denied details for so long regarding one of the most anticipated FPS titles in history, but now it seems as if the Halo 4 info is peaking by the day. We’re okay with that.

Thanks to an expo in the Mall of America in Minnesota, Microsoft revealed that it will in fact be launching a special edition Xbox 360 console to coincide with the launch of Halo 4 this November. If the leaked pictures are to be the console’s final design, Master Chief has been neatly placed above the Xbox’s power button. Slick move, Microsoft. Now every time gamers want to swap out their Halo 4 disc, they’ll have to do so under the watchful visor of Spartan-117, and chances are he won’t approve.

The Halo 4 LE console won’t mark the first time that Microsoft has endowed the Halo franchise with its own 360. The company designed one for the release of Halo 3 (painted with a military-green camo finish and an orange disc tray) back in 2007 as well as for Halo: Reach in 2010, featuring a sleek silver color scheme. The LE Reach 360 shipped with a 250 GB HDD and two custom wireless controllers. While Microsoft has yet to release specs for the console, expect to pay no less than $399 when it hits store shelves this Fall.


Say Something

    Helk yeah

  • Cool dude

    I still think this design can be improved on. Halo Reach MW3 ones were simple.

  • SayItAintSo

    So a 320GB for $416 or more right?


    My HALO Reach console looks better. I was hoping for something more than just some vinyl overlays.

  • xlEastmanlx

    You forgot to mention the original Halo LE console from 2001/2002. I believe it was the first of its kind as far as LE Xbox consoles go….which would make 3 LE consoles for Halo alone

    Halo: CE console
    Halo 3 LE console
    Halo: Reach LE console.

    LOL…and you call yourself a fanboy…shame on you.

    • Cool dude

      You mean

      Halo: CE LE console?

      Try harder…

  • Jumper

    “The Halo 4 LE console won’t mark the first time that Microsoft has endowed the Halo franchise with its own 360.”
    The key word there being “360.” The Halo: CE Xbox was an original Xbox. Now go away troll.

  • bigjershby

    i think it looks kool but im a sucker for skinned consoles i have a street fighter 4 skin on my ps3 lol

    i think i have shared this story on this site b4 but my friend brent had a halo 3 xbox it rrod on him playing fable 2 while listening to music on it at the same time (something i wish ps3 could do more of )

    • RROD$2PLAY

      You wish your PS3 would RROD?


      While I do understand the wish to listen to music and game at the same time; it really doesn’t suit most games. Gran Turismo allows you to but it’s perfect because it’s a racing game. A place you would want to listen to bad ass music at anyways.

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